Internet Never Forgets

I’ve spotted a very interesting trend, if I can call it that way. It’s not really new, it has been around almost since the Internet Big Bang. And that is: “Internet Never Forgets”. It just never does. Once you post something online, it will be remembered forever. This especially applies if you are a more known public persona. But is so laughable to see all these super educated important people get caught on their own lies, tripping over their own hypocrisy. Yeah, it hurts even more when you’re caught covering it up in an attempt to do some sort of damage control…

Since I’m following Twitter and the whole GamerGate drama a bit more these days, I find it funny how people just never learn. For example, Anita Sarkeesian and her puppeteer Jonathan McIntosh. They both write stupid things for the most part, but Joshy is a particular gem. When people catch him on his own lies, he then goes back and deletes his old messages on which he got caught, in a hope no one would be able to read them further. Erm, he clearly doesn’t realize the internet is crawling with crawlers and these little critters do what they are designed to do. Crawl the web, gather information, index it and archive it. Once you type something and publish online, it’s usually a matter of hours before it gets stored somewhere permanently and then re-indexed/re-archived all over the internet.

There is also this factor of screen caps, situations where other users can do the crawling job and take an image snapshot of your comment and they can then re-post it billion times. These often take only seconds to make something a permanent thing of the internet. You can delete your own comments all you want, but the internet will remember. And it remembers and wants to tell about you even more when it finds out you’re trying to cover things up.

There was a prophet once, he called himself Gabe Newell. He still walks the Earth and these are his words of wisdom:


One Twitter user named “Field Psychology ‏@tardispda” once said:

The human brain can only manufacture so complex a lie, before it breaks down. Honesty is just easier.

I guess they were both right. And if you do make a hash of something, face the consequences and don’t try to cover it up. You’ll just make things even worse…


2 thoughts on “Internet Never Forgets

  1. Reblogged this on dandahan and commented:
    Many earthlings believe that they are using the bell telephone and hold one on one conversations on the WWW.
    Then the commenters imagine that they are a little club, repeat commenting to a closed circuit of repeaters.
    As most identify with every idea expressed by their cosy group there is this campfire conversation of reassurance, going round (the campfire) in a closed circle.
    Commercial owners of most sites are content to allow these introverted conversations in their attempts to increase views which may lead to advertising revenue.
    Problems arise when potential advertisers skim these sites and find repeaters making up the bulk of commenters and viewers shunning the site.


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