While this hashtag has been specifically dedicated to everyone in minority within the gaming community who disagree with radicals attacking gamers and using them as some sort of example. It is dedicated to all the proud female gamers, to all the gamers whose physical gender doesn’t align with their mental one, to all the gamers of different race than caucasian, basically for everyone who aren’t straight white male gamers, who also represent gaming community and don’t want to be used as a shield for all the angry radical feminists and social justice warriors (SJW) who are currently on a crusade attacking gamers as a culture.

By using #NotYourShield tag, they specifically express their opinion that they are not being oppressed and rejected within the gaming community and that they are proud to be gamers.

But I’ve been thinking a bit and realized I’m not their shield either. They constantly portray us white male gamers as some sort of superior race, someone above the rest, the privileged bunch, the oppressors. I’m a white male gamer, but I don’t feel privileged even the slightest in the society as a whole.

Firstly, because I’ve been bullied large portion of my childhood just for having some freckles and slightly brighter hair. Something people often call others as “gingers”. I wasn’t even a definition of a “ginger” and yet people were bullying me over it. I could just feel the white privilege all over the place…

And secondly, I’ve been made fun of the fact that I’m a gamer, being called a “geek”, “nerd” and looked upon as if I’m something less of a human, constantly being stigmatized just because I’m a gamer and constantly receiving weird looks whenever I’ve mentioned that I still play games while approaching my 30’s. I had to take all the crap and I still do just because I play games. How does that make me privileged in any way? Things are so far up the shits that I often have to bite my tongue not to reveal I’m a gamer, because you quickly get that weird look in the eyes of the others. Be it within broad family, at work or elsewhere. Only place where I felt safe to express myself and talk about games was among friends who were also gamers and some of them still are passionate gamers. Maybe gamers aren’t so stigmatized in the USA, but here in my country, it’s better to not talk too much around that you’re a gamer. Because it has a very negative connotation to it. Apparently we still live far behind the moon as a country when it comes to games…

To me, it looks more like general public is attacking and stigmatizing ENTIRE gaming culture as some sort of social rejects, something less of a human just because we play games. You SJW’s are pushing me into shit just because I’m a gamer (of whatever gender or race).

You won’t use my skin color, gender or sexual orientation as an example to attack other gamers, because I’m #NotYourShield either. If I’ve somehow misunderstood the whole point of “NotYourShield”, then so be it, but being a straight white male gamer is at least in my case no privilege at all.


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