FlawlessWidescreen tool to fix broken FOV in games

I’ve come across this tool FlawlessWidescreen that uses hacks in order to give user control over FOV (field of vision) adjustment. There are so many games that have messed up, locked and idiotically narrow FOV (thx stupid consoles) which makes this tool not just useful, but a necessity. If I have to play with that horrible narrow FOV, it literally makes my eyes and head hurt badly. And it’s so weird to look at in-game world where everything is in your face like you’re a fat mouse crammed between walls. Horrible.

Anyway, I’ve made a dedicated page on my blog for this tool, you can always grab it or talk about it on the right side under “The Really Important Stuff” section or directly via this link: https://rejzor.wordpress.com/flawlesswidescreen-fov-fix-tool/

I hope this tool will be as helpful to you as it is to me…

Oh and if you find it useful, make sure to donate to these guys. They certainly deserve it more than lazy programmers who don’t even bother implementing FOV settings properly in their very own games…

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