Just don’t play it, if you don’t like it

ban_gamesSo, based on your “I’ve pulled this one out of my rear” fact sheet, if I just happen to dislike turn based games, because I prefer things moving in real-time with very limited amount of time for thinking on my next move, I have to not just simply “not play turn based games”, I must go on a crusade to make them disappear. Eradicate them from existence. Just because I personally don’t like them. Because they are harmful to a fluid way of thinking and will make people pause for infinite time before making decisions in real life. BAN TURN BASED GAMES!!!

Woman, what the hell is wrong with you? Just because you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean no one else does. Stop harassing and bullying others for liking things you dislike.

Not to mention there is not a single academic evidence that playing violent games and games with sexy women makes me or anyone else any more violent or sexist. To me, the only aggressor here is you, enforcing your own shit believes with zero academic evidence and data on us who mind our own business playing computer games that we like.

And guess what, we are still kind human beings who respect women. But we don’t respect hypocrites like you Anita Sarkeesian. Stop spreading lies and misinformation…

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