Idiots don’t understand how Steam Greenlight works

greenlight_votingDear Brianna Wu, stop playing professional victim 24/7 and check your facts. By voting NO on Steam Greenlight, it only omits your game from the user queue. It doesn’t actually downvote anything. YES means upvote, NO means do nothing and move on. Get it? While she still thinks #GamerGate is yet again attacking her, we are in fact supporting her with #UpVoteRev60 .

greenlight_reviewsHere is an example of another idiot who thinks #GamerGate is harassing them on Steam. Steam doesn’t allow reviewing of the game if you don’t actually own it. And even the ones played through family sharing can be simply weeded out by just looking at the number of hours played. If <1 hour, take it with a grain of salt, unless if review describes why someone couldn’t play it for more than an hour. Maybe it’s really that horrible you know? I’ve had such opinion on Deus Ex: The Fall for which I demanded a refund after playing it for 5 minutes (in fact I only entered settings to find out you can’t bind any keys at all)…

So stop blaming #GamerGate with false informations. Freaking idiots blaming everyone else but their own stupidity…


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