How to make a politically correct game?

So, we all know Anita Sarkessian and her constant and repeating complaining on how women are misrepresented in games, how they are not represented at all in games, how they are portrayed as damsels in distress all the time, how it’s even worse if they are first super powerful and then damsel’d later on, how they are portrayed in sexist ways and what not…

Great, I don’t mind criticisms for games if they are really so horribly misrepresenting, giving developers some sort of guidelines on how to make a game. And by that I just mean raising a voice that developers should consider more diversity and more out of the box game mechanics and stories not used by many or any so far. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and be able to express one. But no, she goes straight on a crusade to ban, remove and erase all other games from existence just because SHE doesn’t like them. Isn’t that a really shitty and primitive way of telling people what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to play? Who is SHE to even have ANY right to dictate anything to gamers, be it hardcore or casual, Sunday gamers?

You (Anita Sarkeesian) are so loud criticizing pretty much every single thing in games. There is hardly anything that isn’t sexist, misogynistic, degrading, offending, over-sexualized, politically incorrect towards women in games per your view. There is just one problem. Every asshole can criticize anything. That even includes me when I criticize or complain over things. But I pretty much always give reasons and ideas and ways how stuff should be fixed. Even if it’s just a brainstorming, at least I’m trying. Not that I get as big attention as you do from developers and media, but I feel the need to express my view in a hope someone will agree with me and actually include or fix that stuff.

But in your case Anita, you just criticize without giving even the slightest hint on how to ACTUALLY improve games and make them more politically correct. Why don’t you give us some examples of such politically correctly formed games? The video with that hero princess of yours was heavily sexist, violent, excluding for men and did not include any people of other than white race and basically contradicts everything you stand for.

Please, give us a game plot with entire lead and side role of all characters and game mechanics that is 100% politically correct. And I’m not taking any deviations as an acceptable excuse. It has to be 100% politically correct, because Anita Sarkeesian that I know, doesn’t take any excuses as an answer. So, practice what you preach…

The rules you’ve established and want to enforce on game developers:

– Protagonist must NOT be only man or a woman, because using just one or another is sexist.

– If there are two, male and female protagonists playable at the same time, their abilities and powers must be on exactly the same level while not being exactly the same as a game mechanic. Failing to do so will portray one protagonist as inferior to another.

– Protagonist must NOT be of either race, because using just one would make your character discriminatory to other races.

– Characters must NOT have any gender recognizable anatomical features, because even when deciding for smaller character breasts, it is discriminatory and offensive towards women who happen to have naturally large breasts.

– Characters must NOT have any exaggerated anatomical features (this interconnects with the above point).

– You have to also represent LGTB within the game. Failing to do so is discriminatory to people whose gender identity is not as straightforward as the one of cis people (cis = cisgender, where mind is aligned with physical gender).

– There should be NO “damsel’s in distress” trope involved, for any characters, be it male, female, alien, robots or animals. The game simply must NOT include any kind of saving/rescuing of anything or anyone.

– The game must refrain from using any kind of stereotypes, either in a serious or humorous way.

– Game world must NOT include ANY human beings as NPC (Non Player Characters) because it would portray them as background decoration.

– Not a single game character should be “disposable” in one or another way (being included and then excluded for no apparent logical reason).

– Every character in game must have an extensive personal background that is clearly portrayed to the player. There shouldn’t be a single character that has no identity (which interconnects with the above two points).

– If you include any kind of political views into the game, you have to also correctly represent ALL other political views surround the original one. Not being able to meet that requirement will result in either misrepresentation of certain political views or their exclusion as a whole.

– If you include any religion or religious view, you must also include ALL other religions. Failing to do so will result in exclusion of other religions which is a no-go.

– The game must NOT portray any kind of violence towards any living being, be it plants, animal or humanoid, realistically looking or fictional (example: replacement of blood with screws, springs and cogs or blood of different color than red).

– Game must exclude any form or shape of portrayal of reality (example: portrayal of NPC’s doing real life jobs/tasks which also includes prostitution, GTA5 example that is being smeared all over the place).

– Game must NOT include any historical events, because they portray reality and would conflict with the above point and the violence point (example: military games for WW1 and WW2, violence conducted by military in any way even to non living targets)

– Game must NOT include any physics engine, because it can be exploited into manipulation of humanoid bodies into a sexist, sexual or degrading poses.

– At the same time, the game has to provide diversity. It is not allowed to copycat major game mechanics, plots or characters already found in other games, either made by you or others. After all, you do actively encourage and demand diversity.

Resulting game?

I’ve left out tons of rules and it took me quite a while to even list these. Now, please, in all seriousness, take the above rules and design a game that is 100% politically correct, doesn’t offend, exclude or misrepresents, degrades or otherwise depicts anything with even a hint of negativity at anyone in any way. And even if you by some bizarre coincidence manage to assemble a game that will seemingly not violate a single rule, you’ll essentially force everyone to make copies of a very narrow range of game types. And with that, you are violating the diversity and game mechanics rules.

It’s a real bitch designing a game where you’re not allowed to do pretty much anything isn’t it?

That’s why I still hold opinion that your entire tropes video series is a waste of oxygen, time and hard drive space on Youtube servers. They don’t prove anything, they are just baseless, cherry picked complaints and statements that even contradict each other so many times, with no actual usable (game implementation wise) examples on how to actually solve these “horrible” stereotypes and tropes of pure misogyny and hatred towards women while still maintaining diversity in games industry. And when you have to back that up by resorting to circular logic of “If you disagree with me, then you’re a misogynist”, then I know you’ve really hit the absolute bottom.


One thought on “How to make a politically correct game?

  1. How about a first person shooter game where we just take out all the people who are obsessed with political correctness? No, no, I suppose that would be very wrong. 😉

    There are quite a few games that have women in pretty aggressive roles, I can’t remember them all, but Lara Croft comes to mind. There are numerous games where you actually get to chose your character.

    Long ago, I used to love asteroids and pac man. Even back then, those games were perceived as sexist and we eventually got ms pac man. That was also fun, but you can see the silliness in all that, our spaceship was male? Our little blue dot that eats other dots wasn’t representative of the feminine enough?

    Ironically while we have that debate raging, we also have this other debate going on where gender is perceived as nothing but a social construct, just an identity you get to choose, like an avatar. But that’s IRL, in games apparently, gender is everything.


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