Tropes vs Women Refund request

This is a rant from someone who actually contributed money to the “Tropes vs Women” video series that should be done by Feminist Frequency aka Anita Sarkeesian. I’ve used “should” because it’s 2 years past due date and they still haven’t delivered the promised videos to the people who paid over $158.000 to make them. This is a story of one of the backers…

Still thinking Feminist Frequency has anything to do with representing women in gaming industry and defending women rights or feminism in general? To me it looks more like money grabbing organization which can’t deliver promised goods despite collecting 25 times what they originally needed. I guess living high on the hog, spending that 6 figure amount is just too time consuming for them to roll up their sleeves and do what they promised… I’m just shocked this is like the first person I’ve seen to actually say anything about it. Where are the rest of people who made 3+ figure contributions?


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