Battlefield 4 and how EA fucked up FOV again

*exhale* You fucked it up again EA/DICE. I’ve now started playing Battlefield 4 campaign. And guess what, these fucktards at EA yet again failed to implement a fucking working FOV control. It’s there in the settings and if you adjust it, it does fucking nothing to the actual field of view in the game. I mean for fucks sake are you people competing how to make more fucked up FOV or something? Seriously?

I just don’t freaking get it. Am I the only one so sensitive that fucked up FOV makes my eyes bleed and my head hurt badly on otherwise superior 144Hz 1080p gaming monitor? It’s like looking through a tunnel. It’s ridiculous and entirely unplayable. And I have no intention of yet again fiddling with fucking config files for something it should be working out of the box in the first place. IT’S IN THE GOD DAMN SETTINGS, WHY DOESN’T IT WORK!?!??!??!?!?!

Fuck you EA and fuck your games. I’ve defended EA games quite often saying they aren’t that bad and that they are trying but this fucking does it. You are bunch of lazy fucks just like Ubisoft who don’t give a shit about your customers and I’m not buying, pirating or playing their shitty games. 1 year after release and you couldn’t make FOV setting functional. Do I have to stop buying yours as well and telling everyone to do the same like I do for Ubisoft?

This is freaking unbelievable. First Bulletstorm few weeks ago and now Battlefield 4. Stop scratching your balls and fix this shit. Fuck.


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