Games influence on violence

If people were influenced by video games, then the majority of Facebook users would be farmers with diabetes and jewelry thieves by now.


Thanks for inspiring me to extend your tweet @VideoGamesFacts


2 thoughts on “Games influence on violence

  1. LOL! Now that’s a good point.

    I used to actually relive stress and vent some frustration playing video games. It was actually healthy to be annihilating imaginary things and not people. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the stress reliving qualities of video games and the role they might play in reducing violence?

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    1. I think majority of gamers are a proof of that. We are too busy playing games to have any time left for bullying and harassment of others in real life. Maybe that’s why violence among youth has declined so dramatically in the last 2 decades. I’m not implying that games are the sole reason, but judging it through myself, it might have something to do with it…

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