How to pwn yourself, Anita style


Oh, Anita, our beloved Anita Sarkeesian… The internet would be a dull and boring space without you. Nice example of it is her intelligent comment on Twitter from few days ago…

Open communication…

She said “I’m not going to waste time responding…” Yeah, on that subject…


It’s hard to ask you Anita. Or question your methodology, if you block every single mean of communication. And Youtube isn’t the only space she does this. Ask the wrong question on Twitter, blocked. Wrong question on Facebook? Blocked? You bet! Which makes you wonder what your agenda is Anita. Thunderf00t doesn’t block any comments, Sargon of Akkad doesn’t block any comments, AlphaOmegaSin doesn’t block comments, TL;DR doesn’t block comments hell, I don’t block comments here, because we are all open to discussion (which often ends up with words “fuck you” from the side of her followers), but oh well, no one can accuse us of not trying.

But Anita is this special fragile woman with delicate mind that cannot withstand any capacity of criticism, questioning or requests for further explanations or means on how she obtained all these ludicrous accusations of gamers. Demanding methodology used? Ahahahah, you are being delusional. What she says is an absolute, unquestionable truth. And she makes sure you can’t even ask perfectly legit question, either you can’t post them because you don’t have an option on her videos and on her social media channels. And because you’ll just get blocked as she doesn’t want you to “intoxicate” her brainless sheep with any reasonable doubt.

No bias…

And she has truckloads of highly questionable methods when dissecting games and providing “evidence” and “conclusions” based entirely on her own view of the world and the games. Which, in her case means misogyny and patriarchy in every single thing she looks at. Women need to sit to pee? Patriarchy! Women have above average sized boobs in games? Misogyny! Apples can be green. Discrimination! Oh my god woman, shut the fuck up for once. Every time I see her “educational” videos I get sick in my mouth just by seeing her stupid annoying face, knowing she’ll spit out one of the above 3 words like an angry cobra, 350 times a minute. Speaking of bias is an insult to the word itself, because she outdoes it 100 fold.

Supremacy complex…

I also love how she always wants to portray herself as someone above the rest by using high-flying words instead of those more commonly used and better understood by us peasants, especially those not coming from English-speaking countries. Because if you use “ad hominems” instead of personal attacks, strawmen and willful misrepresentation instead of just saying “deliberate misrepresentation”, you totally look more educated. Except she failed badly, because strawmen and willful misrepresentation actually mean exactly the same thing. Facepalm time! And this isn’t the only thing. It just wouldn’t be hilarious enough…

Personal attacks (ad hominem yo!)?

It’s hypocrisy all over again. You’re the one attacking my personal lifestyle from the beginning, being a gamer and accusing me of being a women hater, rapist, misogynist, privileged white male and whatnot (even though I’m none of that), just because I happen to like seeing pretty women in games that may also happen to be violent in some instances. That’s not a personal attack of every single gamer in the gaming community, right? But hey, always point out the trolls that have nothing to do with us and play a professional victim. If you were the one attacking us first, we have every single right to retaliate back in whatever way we desire. It’s not us who created this conflict. It was you Anita. Now deal with it like an adult person. Blooooocked. Yeah, very mature…

Hypocrisy of willful misrepresentation…

She says every one of us who criticize her are deliberately misrepresenting her points or facts. I guess that is really hilarious, knowing she is selling her “facts” and “evidence” based on the exact same principles of cherry picking examples, portraying scenes in games the way she wants them in order to fuel her agenda even though they can have entirely different non-misogynistic outcome, twisting words and statistics to make her “evidence” look believable. At least on the surface…

sides_of_truthThere is just one problem Anita, your “evidence” can only go through the filters of clueless people who aren’t gamers and take all the crap you say as the ultimate truth. But whoever is a gamer and actually played all the games you’ve “dissected” and you can smell the bull manure from 1000 kilometers away. Yeah, I’m from EU, metric units. Deal with it.

Her portrayal of games is always the above picture segment on the far left side no matter what, even if there are countless options, ways or examples that prove different treatment or portrayal of women in games. Can we criticize on that? Hell no, because she blocks everyone when they try to show the truth to her brainwashed followers.

Who’s now deliberately misrepresenting things? She shows one side of the coin and block any arguments that counter that or us who want to discuss the examples and show that they aren’t even remotely as one-sided and “misogynistic” as she portrays them?

We don’t want to brainwash people like she does, we just want to invoke reasonable doubt in people’s minds. Because the one who questions is the one who learns.

The outcome…

To be honest I’m just waiting for a moment when her bubble will burst and she’ll be left with nothing. And knowing how internet memorizes everything, she’ll not have a single chance to ever again get a single job, work, project or a person who would believe her nonsense no matter how credible it would look like. And trust me, that moment will come, one way or another. The truth has always prevailed and that’s how all revolutions started. It’s just a matter of time till enough nonsense piles up and people will realize what an hypocritical, dishonest person she really is…


One thought on “How to pwn yourself, Anita style

  1. I’m waiting for the moment when Anita says “You’re either with us …..or you’re with the misogynists”

    She is the microcosm to the ruling classes’ macrocosm. She is a mini-me government championing ‘fairness’ and ‘the values of freedom’ while blocking free speech, depicting her critics as terrorists and constantly attacking herself and playing the victim to justify attacking others and spreading her empire.

    And of course the state is nothing more (or less) than a reflection of the family, a re-enactment of our early childhood experiences during that critical 0-6 year stage when our brain’s wiring is being laid down. And most of this critical time is spent under the care of women.

    Anita is in multiple senses ‘the mother of all tyrants’.

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