GeForce GTX 970 has dark secrets…

As users have uncovered suspicious things regarding GeForce GTX 970, it has now turned out that NVIDIA was in fact lying to everyone and they are now admitting it around the corners. GTX 970 doesn’t actually have 64 ROP units. It only has 56. Despite them advertising it as 64 ROP cards. Bus width? Nope, 224+32 instead of full-blown 256bit. 3,5 + 0,5GB of VRAM instead of 4GB.

Now I’m going to place tinfoil hat on my head and draw some sort of conclusion on it. You buy a GTX 970 today, all is well, games work fine. What will happen when users start using 4K more in more demanding games? If users already noticed something isn’t right now, who really thought it would go unnoticed 1 year later? To me it seems like NVIDIA engineers said, so we have a GTX 980 core here, we can use crippled ones and make GTX 970. And we’ll somehow patch the memory thing and no one will notice it anyway. And so they’ve done that…

Now, why is this important? Today, games don’t use that much memory to really go past 3,5GB very often, but things will change and this might happen very soon with GTA5 and other demanding games on the horizon. But when they will use it, that 0,5GB segment will do shitty stuff to the performance. In computers, systems are as fast as the weakest link in the system. In this case this 0,5GB of VRAM is the weak link. If the rest of GPU and VRAM has to wait for data to be fetched from this crappy part of slow VRAM, the fact is, the rest will stall. And while this doesn’t necessarily mean unplayable, it will result in a framerate drop and other issues like the reported stuttering.

Call me biased because I’m using AMD Radeon and because I’ve decided to wait for R9-380X to see what’ll be better, but I’m kinda laughing here, knowing how people are defending a broken piece of hardware just because they bought it and no one ever wants to admit he made a mistake. GTX 970 is a hacked crap that works well when conditions are good, but when they won’t be quite soon, it won’t be so good anymore.

At least GTX 980 is a proper card that isn’t hacked, but it’s a lot more expensive and leaves a bad aftertaste knowing they were hacking things and covering them up from consumers until someone caught them and now they are making excuses and explaining how it doesn’t affect anything. Do whatever conclusion you want, but I don’t like it when companies do that…

4 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 970 has dark secrets…

  1. Eh I dodged a bullet by buying a Asus x99 Deluxe, and now my 970 is a fucking dud.
    I remember a time when the customer was always right, and was of high priority. Now it seems like they are going out of their way to insult us. Just like gaming company’s, they release a piece of buggy shit that the company is well aware of and people (idiots) pay for it asking for another serve, and they are more than happy to oblige. So point being even when you go out of your way to spend a little bit more for better, that is not the way it is anymore, Sad times indeed.

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    1. I’m not sure about the place where you live, but here in EU, many retailers started accepting card returns with no questions asked. Which is a nice gesture. And yeah, it’s indeed shitty from NVIDIA. Good GPU or not, covering such things up always backlashes badly and here it is. It looked great for them, they seemingly had the perfect GPU. And then this shit came to public. To be honest, someone had to be. So it will be a lecture for everyone else not to fuck up with customers.

      I just hope R9-380X will turn out well, I was waiting for it to make a decision betwen 380X and GTX 970 which now turned ointo a waiting for R9-380X only. It’s gonna suck if it turns out to be a crappy card for some reason…


      1. Australia here. Funny I was leaning towards R9-290X but went the MSI 970 GTX Gaming 4GB, as it’s performance was close in benchmarks that I came across, but the biggest reason I went the GeForce was less power draw and heat generation. Yeah let’s see if this going public will change anything, but I can bet you it won’t if the big company’s get the chance to fuck people over they will do it. After all that is how they get the big bucks.. fucking someone over.

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  2. How about AMD earlier 6core cpu? It is about the same logic, 970 after disabling the defect cores, it still worth its price.


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