AMD Radeon R9-380 starting to reveal itself…

amd_radeon_artwork_angle_new1It is now official. AMD Radeon R9-380 is planned for Q2-2015, roughly around March. It will sport whooping 4096 stream processors based on Tonga design (GCN 1.2) on a single die, new framebuffer compression for increased bandwidth (also from Tonga GPU), all paired to 4GB of HBM stacked VRAM (Video RAM). Nothing said on the GPU clocks, but I hope it will be 1,2 GHz. Memory clocks on HBM memory are lower, clocking at just 1,2GHz, but they offer massive bandwidth of 128GB/s. Doesn’t sound much on its own, but each Radeon R9-380 graphic card will feature 4 units, totaling 512GB/s bandwidth. And that’s before even taking framebuffer compression into account! R9-290 only has 320GB/s, so do the math yourself 😀

Was already looking at GTX 970, but considering my HD7950 is still doing pretty well I thought, why not wait these two more months and have an option to decide between two different GPU’s. If Radeon turns out to be awesome, that’s what I’ll take. If it’ll be “meh”, then I’ll take the GTX 970, depending on the price of course. Either way it’s win-win for consumers 😀

6 thoughts on “AMD Radeon R9-380 starting to reveal itself…

    1. It’s easy to be a smartass when you have official info served on a silver platter isn’t it? This was posted back in January 2015 mind you…


  1. I remember reading other predictions at that time and this was one of the most funny, subjective and fanbiased ones. You took the crown again and dissapointed me, while you claim not to be a fan-boy in an other Article, while it is obvious here.

    It’s not about being a smartass, it’s about the fact that there is no need to make up things and look for excuses.

    And the worst part is, when a writer (blogger) can’t take the criticism and is offended by it. Then either don’t write bullshit or disable the comment, if you can’t handle them.

    Remember that even critics and negative readers are still your readers and if you are not biased, than you have to except others opinion too or you loose the other half of readers.

    My 5$.


    1. Excuse me, am I your father to disappoint you? No. Fanbiased? How can you be biased over a speculation?! The info that I got was supposedly from a reliable source and most of it was in fact correct. 4096 GCN 1.2 shader units, memory width, frequencies. Only thing that I got wrong is the fucking name and classification since no one knew about Fury outside the established naming scheme back then. And to be honest not even AMD knew what they were saying as it seems like they rebranded Hawaii models in the last second and resurrected the Fury brand. If I was making shit up I’d just say it’ll have billion of everything.

      As for the accusations of me being a fanboy, I hope you do realize you’re accusing a GTX 980 owner of being an AMD fanboy. Only one looking silly at this point is you…

      Also where did you get the idea I’m offended and unable to accept criticism? The leaked info was wrong on the naming part. Big fucking deal. I’ve made mistakes, corrections and have even appologized for mistakes. I didn’t feel like that was necessary in this case. This is my hobby, not a full time job. I don’t have to answer to no one. I may, but I’m not obliged to.


      1. Also where did you get the idea I’m offended and unable to accept criticism?

        – just by looking at your upset reply, its obvious enough

        Big fucking deal xD – very professional


  2. And you’re getting all batshit insane bitchy because I got the name wrong and slightly different clocks. Which were pretty damn close for a speculation and I got the shader count correctly as well as HBM bandwidth. I did use the “it’s official” because the source was supposedly someone from actual AMD but hey, fuck it.

    Considering this isn’t my actual job, I’m not a professional journalist with insider info and connections you can kindly fuck off with your whining.

    If I was as butthurt as you’re suggesting I am, I’d delete all your comments and this whole post and pretend it never happened. Instead, despite me being wrong for some things (I got a lot right), it’s still posted here. Yeah, the absolute definition of someone being offended, butthurt or whatever. Only one looking stupid is you, still being pissy over it almost 1 year later…


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