Another perspective on Manterrupting…

I was watching Ceara’s video (above) on “manterrupting” and got idea to cover this topic which no one of the narrow-minded feminists even considered as a factor. They just went #FullMcIntosh attacking men like a sole source of this evil. I suggest you first watch her video and then get back here, because I have a continuation of her rant…

What the hell is “manterrupting”? After mansplaining, manspreading, manslamming, manbreathing and manexisting (I made up the last two), here is “manterrupting”. The patriarchal oppression of women by interrupting them or being more vocal than they are. Or so the radical feminists say…

But here is something absolutely missed by pretty much everyone… I’ve notice a pattern, because I know it myself, from a personal experience. I’m an introverted person. A thinker first and speaker second. The “phenomenon” is called introversion and extraversion and is a psychology study or theory on human behavior.

And the most common and typical behavior of introverted people is the fact that they will silently sit and listen on meetings and seminars. Be it corporate or any other. They will only ask a question or become otherwise vocal when they will be absolutely certain that their question or a remark will have a meaningful response or outcome. They will work hard within their mind, processing the information they hear to form a response. And then they will ask or make a comment. But it might just as well happen they will never even ask the question, which they were processing for so long in their head.

On the other extreme of the introversion/extraversion scale, we have extroverts. Super loud, noisy bunch that always shows “who’s the man”, they are always in the center of meetings, they constantly make remarks, ask questions, they make seemingly appear as they are more competent even though majority of stuff they say is full of holes and low quality information. But they are loud and unfortunately people often take them more seriously just because they are louder than the rest.

I’m a (privileged) white male. I should be vocal and loud on all meetings based on feminists complaining. And yet, I’m just not, unless I really have something important or interesting to say. Otherwise I’ll be quiet and listen to what others have to say. I’m not going to make any particular conclusions here, but just an interesting observation from my end. If you’re introverted like me, that’s how you’ll behave. Regardless of the gender.

Maybe women are more prone to be introverted by nature, silent thinkers and men are more extraverted because they always want to show off and prove themselves to others in one or another way. I don’t know, just a quick theory of mine…


2 thoughts on “Another perspective on Manterrupting…

  1. LOL, oh good grief, they never stop, do they??

    In my experience, it’s often the other way around. Women can easily dominate a conversation. In general women tend to be more verbal and men are often quite willing to let us go for it.


    1. From my experience as well. Especially because of the unwritten rule “women first” (which is frankly sexist, but deeply enrooted in our mentality). You know, moments when you start talking at the same time as some woman, interrupting her (and she actually interrupting you as well), you give her a chance to speak first and then you do it.

      But other than this, at least from my experience they are just as vocal as men, it really goes down to introvert/extravert which like I’ve explained is not gender specific thing. Only time when I can remember a rather clear difference between genders was in school, when boys were mostly cracking jokes in between stuff with funny remarks or remarks that at least they though were funny… But when it came to serious stuff, girls were involved into all of it pretty much equally as far as I can tell or remember. And I remember having quite some really smart girls in my classes…

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