Day needs more hours and week needs more days…

I was starting to wonder how majority of people can get through the days that only have 24 hours and weeks with only 7 days. I’m either doing something horribly wrong or I’m living in some sort of distorted time warp…

My typical day consists of a 6-7 hour work day (including like every other weekend). Sometimes 10 hours, mostly on weekends. It’s not like it even eats up the majority of my day. Doing anything at home like cooking and stuff, eats hours like they are nothing and we’re sharing the stuff to do, it’s not even just me. Then I check all my mails, news feeds, my favorite forums, check my Youtube subscription feeds, write on my blog where things sometimes take hours to compose and shape into something half meaningful, play some games which can usually take quite some hours and after that I often read more complex stories and news later in the evening. And before I know it, it’s midnight or even 1:00 in the morning.

And then I was wondering about Youtubers, those famous ones with like 100k+ subscribers who regularly post 15 to 30 minutes long videos that are rather professionally edited. How they manage to do all the stuff around their home, check all the political and gaming related news and do videos on them, play tons of games, have other hobbies of their own, meet with friends, assuming they have any, constantly hang on 6 different social networks and they somehow manage to do all this in 24 hour day. I know some live only from Youtube and sponsors income, with no time “wasting” on a full-time job, but still, doing research on some topic, composing a scenario for it, recording it, then edit the whole thing, polish it and wait for it to upload. It’s incredibly time consuming stuff by itself and yet, these people somehow manage to still have hobbies and other activities outside their home. Well, at least they are giving such impression to the outside world, I could be wrong…

I know I could change my daily routine to some extent, but to be honest, I like it the way it is (at least currently). But I hate the fact that it’s sometimes difficult to squeeze in that 1 hour meet for a coffee with those few friends that I have.

What’s the trick? I wanna know it, because otherwise, I’ll have to move to some other planet that has a day with 40+ hours and weeks way longer than the ones here on Earth…


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