Natural Selection 2 Gorge Plushie is alive!

gorgie1Oh my god!!! Dillon “WasabiOne” Savage brought it to life! The gorge plushie that we all wanted so much is now a reality!


Sure, the render of Gorge is kinda creepy and he looks like a really nasty creature. But when you see it belly sliding around in a game and squealing like a piggy, you realize he is in fact a very adorable little creature.

The project requires 9000 USD in order to cover manufacturing costs and if you want one plushie, it will only cost you $30 which also includes shipping cost to anywhere in the world! This is really cheap when you think of it, because the plushie will later retail for $20 + shipping. And shipping costs may vary quite a lot for worldwide shipping (from US). So, head over to the project page link below and pre-purchase your very own plushie right now!



If you’re a Natural Selection 2 game fan or just someone who loves cute plushies, make sure you share this news with others so we will meet the required funding. So far, it’s looking really good as we have already reached over $6000 and we still have 30 days to go.

Thx WasabiOne for making it a reality! I’ll post more about it when I get the actual plushie. Can’t wait 😀


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