New looks and feels

Since my old blog design wasn’t really following my new interests anymore, I’ve decided to refresh and redesign it a bit. Finally mastered few settings and tweaks (needed a year to figure them out apparently lol) so now I can finally re-arrange it almost the way I want it.

New name and description, new top banner, some re-organization within the menus etc.

Why such design and so many references to sheep? Well, sheep has been my logo and avatar for nearly 2 decades. And because we are all a bit of a sheep in a way. We always tend to look like someone else, always want to follow someone in our lives and we always want to belong to at least one flock. If we don’t, we are that lost black sheep standing there all by itself.

And while I’m a fairly black sheep, following others, you are my sheeplings (no religious reference though 😛 ) following me and my stupidities here on this blog. Some may be whiny, some may be funny, some may be plain stupid and here and there I actually manage to compose something useful.

So, don’t worry, I’ll continue to include all the computer and gaming related stuff, but will be mixed with other stuff. Originally wanted to separate things on a new blog just to find out people have already taken every single of the names I wanted and they aren’t even blogging anything. Bastards. 😦 So, here it is now.

For the horde flock!


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