This is what equality looks like…

I think the video doesn’t require much further explaining other than to clarify that the two involved into a fight are actors who play both roles, as attacker and the victim, just to portray the reaction from random nearby people in both situations.

Frankly, I find it disgusting and disturbing to see how everyone jumped the bandwagon on helping the woman in distress, but when a man was being attacked in the exact same way, everyone just laughed. I imagine, if that man slapped her back after she pushed him away, everyone would jump on him yet again… but that’s just my speculation based on the reaction of bystanders…

That’s how far these radical feminists have pushed the mentality of western world society and they don’t seem to show any interest in stopping their crusade…

Do you still want to support these radical modern feminists and their version of “equality”?

Please spread the word by sharing this post on your favorite social networks and raise the awareness. That’s all I’m asking for.


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