Intel Corporation infected with feminists nonsense

Accelerating Diversity in Technology
Krzanich, who acknowledged a recent confluence of events related to women and under-represented minorities, announced the Diversity in Technology initiative.

To support this initiative, Intel has set a bold new hiring and retention goal to achieve full representation of women and under-represented minorities at Intel by 2020. Full representation means Intel’s U.S. workforce will be more representative of the talent available in America, including more balanced representation in senior leadership positions.

Intel also plans to invest $300 million to help build a pipeline of female and under-represented engineers and computer scientists; to actively support hiring and retaining more women and under-represented minorities; and to fund programs to support more positive representation within the technology and gaming industries.

“We’re calling on our industry to again make the seemingly impossible possible by making a commitment to real change and clarity in our goals,” said Krzanich. “Without a workforce that more closely mirrors the population, we are missing opportunities, including not understanding and designing for our own customers.”

Intel plans to engage with several partners in the industry to support, enhance or create new programs for this initiative, including the International Game Developers Association, the E-Sports League, the National Center for Women in Technology, the CyberSmile Foundation, the Feminist Frequency, and Rainbow PUSH. The company also plans to deepen its engagement with primary education programs focused on undeserved areas and expanding its collaborations with computer science and engineering programs at higher education institutions, including minority-serving institutions.

Oh god, fuck me sideways, Intel. You too? And what’s the worst part of it, they picked Feminist Frequency (or shall I say, they were bullied by them into complying). Yup, our lovely Anita Sarkeesian. The worst feminist of them all. Did Intel somehow miss Christina Hoff Sommers when they were picking an equality representative? You know, the Factual Feminist, the woman of wisdom, someone I admire a lot because of her intelligent comments and reliance on academic statistical data when it comes to gender issues (unlike Anita Sarkeesian who pretty much just pulls facts out of her own rear). I wouldn’t even label Christina Hoff Sommers as feminist on any level. She is as egalitarian as anyone can get…

Hiring more women and retaining them even if they simply aren’t as good, just to meet the feminist imposed gender quotas is just plain moronic. This basically means women will now have higher chance of being hired even if a male engineer will be better suited for the given job. Just because they need to fill in the gender quota. And what’s very unfair is to all the women who worked their asses off to get into Intel Corporation as engineers, without any special treatment. And now, the new female employees will have privileged access to the same jobs. It’s just not cool when you think of it that way. And I’m absolutely certain that Intel has female engineers who are equality good and competent as any other male engineer there.

Why being biased towards women just because majority of them simply isn’t interested in engineering jobs? Why not promote yourself as company not affected by gender decisions with ads like:

Join physics, chemistry and maths classes, because one day, you may become a high tech engineer at Intel Corporation.

Sounds about right doesn’t it? It’s not discriminatory against any gender and promotes the most crucial point where male and female workforce usually splits up. In schools. That’s where you have to start fixing gender workforce issues, not later on by providing privileges to one gender or one group of people.

Once workforce market will have higher percentage of women with science degrees and specializations, they will also represent higher number of workforce in tech companies, because there will be more of them available for hiring. Simple logic. You don’t need to create some stupid special treatments, whole thing would fix itself if you do it right at beginnings where kids start to think about their future and jobs. Do you hear me Intel? Show women that it’s OK to be seen in physics, chemistry and maths classes. Because women joining those classes will be more likely to reach for jobs like aeronautic engineer, semiconductor engineer, researcher in pharmaceutical company, petroleum engineer, engineer in automotive industry, astronaut or simply a researcher working in a national chemist or physics lab. You know, the sort of jobs that also come with very good pay? But if you want to be cool in school and cry later for having a shitty job, well, it was YOUR decision. Why are you then blaming others for it now?

I’m all for equality and equal job opportunities, but Intel siding with the worst feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, maybe it’s time for me to start filling in AMD quota to even things out, because after all, having Intel in nearly all systems is somewhat discriminatory towards AMD…

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