Anyone can be a “video game developer” these days?

I don’t think there is anyone connected to the internet and not being aware of the GamerGate. And here is one thing that was interesting. The whole thing basically revolves around Zoe Quinn and her harassment and all blablabla. The thing that sort of poked me in the brains is, who the hell is Zoe Quinn for people to make so much fuss about her. I’ve played tons of games and still playing. And I’ve never ever heard of her…

Zoe Quinn (born 1987) is an American independent video game developer and 2D artist. Quinn developed the interactive fiction Depression Quest, co-created with Patrick Lindsey and Isaac Schankler, a Twine game released on Steam.

So, here is the description from Wikipedia. Ok, so what’s all the fuss about her and the game that she made. As it turns out, these days you can be called “video game developer” and a “2D artist” by making a text-based game on a webpage. And at first I thought each selection would result in some sort of depressing image that would reflect your selection, but you basically just see some random images on top of blocks of text. Not really that impressive even if the actual text story was, it made me bored even before I started “playing it” so I never really bothered reading it…

The reason why I’m questioning/wondering about these, apparently self-made labels are the fact that I too made a similar text game based on a story from a local gaming magazine back in 2002. Granted, the game was never published on Steam (it didn’t even exist back then) and it never gained global “popularity”, because it’s entirely made in my native language, so it wouldn’t really be much of an use for English speaking people. But here are few screenshots from it to show that I’ve indeed made it.

RealMotionFX_1 RealMotionFX_2 RealMotionFX_3 RealMotionFX_4

Looking at it now, 13 years later, the graphics do look simplistic, but I was basically just a teenager in his early years back then. And all the graphics were made up by me, because the original story in magazine was 100% text based, no images at all.

Should I call myself a “video game developer” and a “2D” artist? Apparently I have every single right to do so. Because even though story wasn’t written by me, the entire developing, scripting, 2D art and compiling along with testing and QA was indeed performed by me. In fact, during that time, I’ve made 2 more “notable” games, one was inspired by Half-Life game and was a 2D side scrolling shooter/platformer and the other one was exactly the same style, but inspired by Unreal Tournament. Arena based 2 player combat game. Imagine Mario Bros from NES where Mario and Luigi shoot each other with fireballs. It was like that. Gotta find the backup CD, it must be somewhere around…

That’s what I made. And I’ve never ever proclaimed myself as a video game developer and 2D artists. And I still can’t really…

Sorry Zoe Quinn, but the thing you’ve made is not a proper game by million miles and I’m not exactly sure what makes you a “2D artists” either. Those drawings above the text?. They don’t even really integrate with your “game”. What you made is the same thing as I’ve made. An interactive novel or interactive story. It’s nothing wrong with them as such, they can be very engaging (and complex to make) since you actually make your own decisions unlike in normal books where you just read the predefined story. But calling yourself a “video game developer”? Plz…


2 thoughts on “Anyone can be a “video game developer” these days?

    1. Oh my god!!!!! I found the backup disc with the games. Nasty vs Predator and also EARTHStrike! I’ll try to import projects and recompile them again. So exciting 😀


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