Man spreading challenge to feminists

As many of you are probably already aware, there were and still are massive complaints (feminists, who else…) regarding men spreading their legs on NY metro seats. They went so far to demand a ban on it. So, here is a challenge to these feminazis…

Stick a 10cm (4 inch) piece of Armaflex pipe insulation in your crotch region of the jeans in direction of the legs and try to sit for half an hour with legs together like you expect men to sit. This is apparently the only way to show them how incredibly uncomfortable it is for men to sit with their legs together. It’s not identical since you won’t have any nerves (senses) within the foam material which on compression equals to pain with the “real” pair of eggs and the sausage, but it is a way to simulate having something between your legs opposed to having nothing…

And what’s even more shocking is the sheer ignorance by these women who don’t even give a damn about anatomy of opposite gender. Just because you have hole between your legs, it doesn’t mean everyone else have it too. Take that into consideration and perform my challenge. You’ll see that you were wrong the entire time. And if men spreading legs were your biggest problem, you can politely ask them to slightly move the legs, I’m sure everyone will comply as much as possible. But you can’t expect them to sit with legs tightly together…


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