Whining over movies/series piracy

I just caught info on Netflix starting to block proxy servers and VPN services. Till now, a lot of people were using those through fake home addresses and proxy/VPN services, but now they are doing a crackdown on those as well. And this is the point where I frankly just don’t understand the music and movie industry.

For example, if we look at games, we have a global worldwide service Steam and GOG that are specialized in games distribution. They aren’t the only ones but they are the most notable ones with largest selection of brand new and classic games. It doesn’t really matter what game it is, if they offer it, you can buy it pretty much anywhere in the world. There are regional limitations so you often can’t buy game in Russia and then use it in your EU country, but if you’re from EU and you buy the game from home, you can easily buy and play it. If it ever happens that some game has regional limitations it’s like 1 in 1000 games (maybe!). And there is simply no excuse not to buy games these days. It really has to be some very rare old game not provided by anyone that you have to dig up in the green fields of P2P. For the rest, they are now so easily accessible and affordable that I’m not even willing to bother cracking games and dealing with all the piracy nonsense. It’s easier to login, click Buy and few minutes later I can play the game without any hassle. That’s how you move business further and make profit. Game industry got it, movie industry however is still scratching their heads (or they are scratching balls maybe?) on how to do it…

So, on one end, there is the thriving game industry with global functional distribution and on the other end we have this archaic snail paced movies/series and music distribution that is apparently still stuck in the 1930’s and continuously fails to just freaking move on. They however don’t stop bitching and whining how piracy is ruining their business. Well no shit Sherlock, you think? If I cannot possibly buy a legal movie, what do you think I’ll do? Sit in a corner and cry? Fuck you. I was prepared to pay for it and you refuse to provide it to me. I’ll use P2P and get it whether you like it or not. Simple rule of content accessibility.

People often complained over my whining why they don’t legally provide us this content and their reaction was: “Well, use the proxy/VPN.”

Well, there you have it, they don’t even want those customers who have the time to bother with faking home and IP addresses to, wait for it, actually PAY for your stuff like everyone else does who have normal access to it. It’s like they are actively fighting off the profits. What da faq!? The users who used proxies and VPN services didn’t steal the content like P2P does in a way, they actually paid the content perfectly legally (if we disregard the address faking in the first place). But no, they don’t want those customers either.

Either provide content to the entire world equally or stop whining about piracy you retarded mongers. Go to Valve for freaking advice or learn from them how to do it. They apparently know how to run business unlike short sighted dumb movie studios. And when you’ll do it, I’ll become your customer and spend tons of money on the content (especially since I’m not a huge fan of cinemas), but until that happens, here is the middle finger.


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