Sexual objectification of women

Yeah, one of those feminist things that just don’t make any sense to me…

Feminists are so terrified and offended of men “objectifying” women, for example how men objectify women on the street by thinking (doesn’t even have to be said aloud!): “Mhm, this girl has nice boobs.” This is absolutely unacceptable for them and they’d go on a crusade for it to stop entirely. And they are in fact doing just that…

Now, lets break things down a bit, starting with the word itself…


verb (used with object), objectified, objectifying.
to present as an object, especially of sight, touch, or other physical sense; make objective; externalize.

“Objectify” means to present something as an “object”.


anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.
a thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed:
an object of medical investigation.
a person or thing with reference to the impression made on the mind or the feeling or emotion elicited in an observer:
an object of curiosity and pity.

If we look further, we as living organisms are still objects. We can be seen or touched and thus we are objects just like chairs, rocks, plants and animals. We aren’t anything special, at the core, we are still built from the same building blocks as every single object in the world. Molecules and even further down, atoms. So, no matter how you turn it, we are still just objects.

Why the hatred towards physical/sexual objectification?

When you don’t know ANYTHING about a person and you look at him or her, it will ALWAYS involve one form of objectification, because you don’t know anything about that person other than physical looks. If you are attracted by one or another physical attribute of that person, that is sexual objectification. Humans are doing it since the age of our beginning and we are still doing it this very moment. It’s a component of our sexual nature, how we begin the very first step in finding a partner. If one women attracts me with her amazing blue eyes, that is in fact still a sexual objectification. But feminists always present things with tits and ass to make it more dramatic and problematic, like that is the only thing that sexually attracts people. It might be the most common, but certainly not the only one.

Now, please tell me how many women would be offended if a man says: “You have amazing blue eyes” to a woman? It’s objectification, but I can’t possibly think of a single woman who would be offended by this. Except maybe feminists, because you just can’t ever understand and satisfy them.

In large majority of cases, looks are what brings people together, you really have to already be acquainted by another person in order to “judge” them through other means. For example, if you are already a schoolmate or a co-worker with someone and you find out that you really have a lot of things in common with them, you share similar humor, similar hobbies, you like similar things, you often think in a similar way as they do, these are other things that may attract us and aren’t of physical, but more of an emotional nature. You usually also have to be sexually attracted to that person in order to have a more intimate relationship. It’s not an absolute rule, but it usually is the case. Friends don’t necessarily have to be sexy and physically attract you, but someone you want to be more intimate with, usually does. So, physical is nearly always first and emotional nearly always comes second. Seems perfectly reasonable and logical to me.

Double standards…

What’s even more illogical is the typical double standard that is always thrown at men (you know, the stereotypical if a man sleeps with many women, he is a stud and if a woman does, she is a slut). When men objectify women, they are sexist pigs, but when women are doing it, it’s fine. Why? Why not just simply admit that both, men and women sexually objectify one another and that it’s something perfectly normal?

Accused of objectifying thoughts…

As you may have noticed at the beginning of this blog post, I’ve mentioned that objectification doesn’t have to be verbal in order to be offensive. No, no, no, feminists aren’t satisfied by only eliminating so-called “catcalling” (which is when you for example call a stranger on the street “Hello beautiful”), they want to erase objectification of women from our minds. Their idea is that I as a man am not allowed to even think: “Mhm, this girl has totally sexy tits”. No, by their logic, you are simply not allowed to do such a thing. What!? I mean are you all feminists absolutely mad or something? I understand that catcalling can be offensive to a degree, but I’m not suppose to be allowed to think for myself that some woman is sexy and that she attracts me on a physical level? Dafaq /screaming and raging in confusion/ !? What is this, a scene from Minority Report movie where people get arrested for having thoughts about something without actually committing the “crime”? Everyone should be allowed to have thoughts and ideas inside their own mind. It’s something that comes with free will and if you think you can demand anyone to stop doing it, you’re just being delusional. You are expecting (demanding, in feminists case) the impossible.

So, when we draw a line at the end of the day, you, me and everyone else will get objectified one way or another. And if you’re a person with healthy mind, you won’t mind it at all.

If anything pisses me off is this continuous bitching over things that are perfectly natural, are not offensive and are on the list of least important women’s problems. Feminists pretty much always make some ridiculous claim without any thinking and then stick their heads in the sand and scream lalalalalalalalalala when others try to argue their idiotic claims. Well, the above is my argument after watching loads of videos on this “problem” and after long hours of compiling my thoughts inside my mind and pouring them into this blog post.

If you think my post makes sense, please share it with others and make people more aware of this so-called “problem” and how it really isn’t a problem of any sort.

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