Fixing RAGE game FOV and 64bit mode

I know it’s old but I just found out I haven’t completed it yet lol. Found fixes for the usual FOV bullshit and insanely long load times with 64bit version. So, if anyone is still playing it or is deciding to play it, here are the two most needed fixes…

FOV and 64bit fix:

Game uses fixed 80° FOV which feels stupid on 16:9 monitor. And if you want to use 64bit version without waiting for it to load for 5 frigging minutes, do the following…

Right click “RAGE” inside Steam client and select “Properties”. Click “Set Launch Options…”

Enter “+cvaradd g_fov 25 +logfile 0” (without quotes) in the field and confirm.

You can change the value 25 to anything you want, but pay attention to the fact that this means additional degrees to the existing fixed value. 25 means a 105° FOV (80+25). For me, this feels about right. The +logfile 0 fixes the 64bit slow loading, so that is a must if you have 64bit OS and tons of RAM like I do.

Don’t bother activating console (which is disabled by default), because it will prevent achievements from being unlocked. Same nonsense as the Bulletstorm I was ranting about not long ago…


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