25 Missing Benefits of Gaming While Male

Oh dear, yet another facepalm worthy video propaganda released by Anita Sarkeesian and her army of brainless male puppets. 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male is what she calls it. More appropriate would be 25 Missing Benefits of Gaming While Male. I’m male and I can’t seem to witness these so called “benefits”…

You can click numbers in front of my responses to quickly jump directly to specific points in video (new tab will open so don’t worry about this page)…

1. Oblivious to what? Being harassed? Being called a pussy? Being told to shut the fuck up? Guess what, I’m male and it all happened to me as well. Just like it probably happened to pretty much every single gamer ever being involved in an online multiplayer game at some point.

2. I’m looked upon as “childish” because I’m still playing games and I’m closing in to age of 30. It has nothing to do with being male or female. People have stupid stereotypes from decades ago when gaming was a domain of really nerdy people. And those stereotypes remained. Welcome to the late 80’s, early 90’s… It’s very late 2014 now and things have moved on since, you know…

3. Then don’t post your bloody contact or other personal information on the internet. Just like you don’t plaster your personal photo, home address and phone number all over the internet. If you want a certain degree of privacy, use nicknames, separate e-mails for unimportant services, hide personally identifiable information and set your profile settings to only display your more private info to approved friends only. Every single service has these features for obvious privacy reasons. Learn to frigging use them and stop bitching that this is somehow a male privilege. It’s a privilege of intelligent people, not male people. And you aren’t either of them apparently.

4. If you want to show how “l33t” you are and how much you “own” everyone, you have to prove that even if you’re a donkey. If you want anyone to take you seriously as a someone who is allowed to brag about your “ownage” capability, you’ll have to display a clear performance of that in a game. Usually, a very high kill to death ratio is a good way to prove that. Or a very high win to lose ratio. If you can’t display that in a game, you’ll be dissed even if you’re a male. Proven fact.

5. If I express deep interest into games I play, people usually look at me funny like I’m some sort of freak. Yeah, those stereotypes again that shouldn’t be happening to me because I’m male. And if someone is faking an interest, any gamer could easily see through them rather easily, once you’d get into conversation about specifics. Besides, aren’t we all faking interest our entire lives to get some sort of attention or not being douchebags for entirely ignoring everything we aren’t directly interested in? We often listen to things others say just because we are being polite. Gender has nothing to do with it what so ever.

6. Well doh, of course gaming industry is widely represented by male gender on all sides. Large majority of gamers are males, because boys are simply more interested in games. And girls are more interested into other things. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t female gamers, female game reporters, female game developer representatives, female developers etc. out there. They just can’t be in majority if male gender dominates this industry. That’s like bitching why women are so widely represented in cosmetics industry and men aren’t. It’s how it is and you can’t do a bloody thing about it.

7. I haven’t been on any gaming convention, so I can’t really comment on this one. But I’ve been to few LAN party events and while girls were there (and they were cute), no one was doing anything inappropriate to them. I’ve seen far more inappropriate things happening to girls outside gaming circles to be honest…

8. Neither are women. Why should they speak for their entire gender? It would be just silly to expect anything like that from anyone. Gender doesn’t even play any role here. No one is an official representative and spokesman/spokeswoman for one particular entire gender. But anyone can make their own personal opinion or a view on something that seems like a general pattern for one gender. It’s called an observation, which, unless scientifically proven is still just an opinion anyone can make.

9. Why these idiots make everything make seem like gender has anything to do with it? Why they think gamers are always gender represented in games? I’m playing multiplayer games a lot and unless you’re using a microphone, no one can really know what gender you are. Avatars and nicknames can be faked by anyone, you can even fake voice using real-time voice modulation found on certain gaming soundcards. So, how exactly is this an issue then? If you’re so afraid of being judged just because of your gender, then stick with the text based chat and don’t use microphone and no one will be able to tell what gender you really are, making you equal to the rest, be it male or female.

10. What natural unrelated biological functions? If a female gamer can hold a mouse, press keys on a keyboard, be able to listen to fancy noises speakers make and be able to look at the screen with pretty pictures, that’s all I’m expecting from any gamer. I don’t care if you’re missing a leg, you’re having PMS or you’re masturbating while playing CounterStrike. We don’t care about any of that. That’s the beauty of games, we are all placed on an equal level regardless of our real world biological shortcomings or disabilities (unless they seriously interfere with game/computer/console interaction). And you want to fucking ruin that with your feminist whining bullshit.

11. If any female gamer shows a great ability or knowledge about a specific game, no one will dismiss them or their opinion just because they are female. There are plenty of female gamers all over the internet and if they have something funny, creative, constructive or interesting to say about games, most men will listen to them just the same as they’d listen a male gamer doing exact same things. Unless if they are talking absolute rubbish like you are just now… in which case, no one will be interested in listening your bullshit, let alone agreeing with it.

12. Btw, that’s some cracking mustache you have there /SARCASM OFF. See, I’m making fun of you and it’s not even gaming or gender related. I love to play Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, The Sims, Peggle and Worms. Does that make me any less of a man? Even if it does in the eyes of someone else, why the hell should I care? I play these games because I personally enjoy them and not because others expect me to or not to play them. I mean, are you gaming for your own pleasure or because others are playing a specific game and you just want to fit in? Stop trying to fit in and play whatever you like and enjoy.

13. Guess what, store clerks/shop assistants don’t really care for who you buy the games for as long as you buy them and you return for more. You take the goods and they get the money. That’s all they care. I work in retail and you learn to read when people know exactly what they want and when they walk in the dark, trying to buy something for someone else. And when people are wandering in the dark, not knowing what to buy, you start asking them things so you get info on what their interests are. So you can assist them in buying the right thing which basically returns us back to the beginning of this paragraph. We want to sell you goods and if we make you feel happy with the purchase and our help was satisfying, chances are, you’ll return next time for another game. Shop assistants don’t ask you to make fun of you, they ask you things so they can sell you things easier. It can be for games, flowers, kitchen accessories or a car color selection for your wife. You really do manage to see a misogynistic conspiracy in every single thing, jesus…

14. If men are predominantly more interested in games development, that doesn’t mean gaming studios are sexist establishments. And since same applies to target audience, which are again predominantly male gamers, of course games are being targeted at them. You make a product that satisfies needs of the consumers. Unless if you want your company to go bankrupt very soon after establishment, in which case you do the exact opposite of that. That’s why NO one does that. Why do you think there aren’t any Barbie dolls with heavy armor, swords, rifles, jackhammer drills and bulldozers as an accessory? Because boys aren’t target consumers of Barbie toys. Same applies to games. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t gaming studios with female developers and gaming studios who target female gamers specifically with cute games for women? Just look at EA and their The Sims franchise. It’s heavily female focused and predominantly played by women. Because EA wanted to fill in the female customers gap. And they succeeded with excellence, since The Sims and trillion tons of accessory add-ons are still selling like freshly baked muffins.

15. Yeah, games really don’t have any powerful and memorable female characters, except maybe… Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Faith Connor (Mirror’s Edge), Alice (American McGee’s Alice), Amanda Ripley (Alien:Isolation), Anna Navarre (Deus Ex), Yelena Fedorova, Faridah Malik & Megan Reed (Deus Ex:Human Revolution), super deadly agile female Black Ops (Half-Life), Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2), Nilin (Remember Me), Kate Wilson (Hydrophobia), Mona Sax (Max Payne), Rayne (BloodRayne), Anna DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite), Julie (FAKK2), SHODAN and Janice Polito (System Shock 2), Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)… And all these are after just quickly scrolling through my games list. Very memorable or strong female NPC characters or female protagonists/heroines. And I’ve enjoyed playing or experiencing every single one of them. And for the most part, not because they had nice boobies, but because of their attitude, their actions, their charisma or simply because I enjoyed playing as a character that isn’t the same gender as I am. It’s called variety of gaming experience… You’ll of course bring up trillions of sexist examples for these characters that only feminist can see anyway.

16. Read my comment under point 15. Should I protest because I was unable to play as a male character in Mirror’s Edge? No. Should I protest because I can’t play as male version of Lara Croft? No. Characters are what they are because they fit into a particular story with a specific reason. It’s developers decision and if you don’t like it, then don’t play that game. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never ever seen anyone complain over a gender of playable character. Only feminist manage to do that, where normal gamers simply don’t care and accept it as integral part of every game.

17. No one harasses anyone because of gender alone. You have to provoke the existing player base in some way for them to retaliate. And that can happen to male gamers just as well. When I’m being bitchy in games, people tend to return things with the same attitude. Don’t be bitchy and you’ll be just fine.

18. Read my comment on point 9. It’s exactly the same thing again.

19. Same as point 9 and 18. Would you people stop rehashing same thing in a different way just to fill in the total quota of 25 “benefits”?

20. No, you’ll be called a “noob”. Which is a non gender specific term for being clueless player that’s not contributing to the team the way you/he/she should. Stop making things that aren’t gender relevant seem like they are.

21. Ummmmm, ever heard of simply ignoring idiots who ask you things like this? No one can force you to tell them anything. And no one forces you to tell real information either. You can simply lie that you have gigantic boobs or a 2m long dick. Like anyone cares for real… Most games also provide “mute” function or you can simply request a ban from server. You’d be surprised how often people kick or ban harassers…

22. Oh lord, yet again, NO ONE can force you to show anyone your naked pictures. Or you can, yet again, take a random photo from the internet and post it like it’s yours and simply mock them back and have some fun. And what kind of games you people play where you can send unsolicited pictures of genitalia to anyone?! Are you playing with Skype again?

23. There, you said it yourself. Speculations. I can speculate that you’re a moron, but that’s just my speculation. Why the hell would you/do you care?

24. Sexism in games is only being pointed out by whining feminists who use male puppets like you in a hope for people to take this video more seriously just because men are saying these things. Which makes you have the same zero credibility, despite being male. If you talk nonsense, no one will take you seriously regardless of what is or isn’t hanging between your legs.

25. I’m taking this video as seriously as a poop on my lawn produced by my westie few hours ago and I’m just too lazy to pick it up. You being a white male doesn’t automatically make anyone take your words more seriously, if words that are coming from your mouth are absolute nonsense. Bunch of idiotic stereotypes, isolated cases and things that simply don’t happen. Or they happen, to male gamers as well. On regular basis. Which makes this video entirely redundant.


Stop making it look like male gamers are some sort of privileged race of people. Online, no one really cares what you are in real life. If you play well, you’ll fit in regardless of the gender. No one will mock you and if anyone by some bizarre coincidence does ask you about the size of your boobs or penis, simply ignore them. They can’t force you to do anything. The magic of internet. Just look how Anita Sarkeesian has comments blocked on every single video. If you know how to do that on Youtube, surely you could learn to do the same in games… Top tip right there!

Games are wonderful place where disabilities, gender or other biological specifics don’t matter, because everyone are subject to the exact same rules, same capabilities and same features. And feminists want to take this away in a name of equality. What the hell? Games bring equality into existence because of what they are and you want to destroy that. That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Instead of encouraging more women to step into the gaming world and represent their gender, you scare them off with loads of bull manure and then you even have the balls to wonder why gaming industry is dominated by male gender. No shit Sherlock. You’re doing it yourself! You’re the one doing injustice to your own gender. Feminists, are you all really that dumb? It seems so…

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