NFS3 Modern Edition updated to v1.04!

NFS3Hello everyone, just want to let you all know I’ve updated my NFS3 Vista Edition patch to version 1.04 today. It has been a while, but I’ve discovered few issues so why not update it 🙂

What’s new in version 1.04?

– Installer/patcher renamed to “NFS3 Modern Edition”, because Vista is kinda dead now and it looked silly because of it.

– Removed Read-Only attribute from ALL game files. This might help in certain rare cases when files are desired to be modifiable.

– Enabled all Mercedes and Ferrari cars for Hot Pursuit mode (you need to select Extra content package during installation). Previously, all Mercedes and Ferrari cars were disabled due to licensing policy by those two carmakers. I hacked the car resource files, so the game now allows them. You’ll now be able to take Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ferrari F355 Spyder, Mercedes SL600 and Mercedes CLK-GTR against those annoying cops.

Future plans for v1.05?

I’m actually planning one more update which will require some more time to make, but I need to first test how it behaves in-game. Version 1.05 will provide additional Extras package inside the installer that will give you player-only selectable traffic cars. Currently, Ai drivers can also select those crappy traffic cars when you decide to drive one. But the extra package will give you option for those traffic cars to be player selectable only, so the Ai racers will only be able to drive original sports cars and players will still be able to pick traffic cars like they can now. It’s a small content update, but I guess it will allow you to have a bit more challenging races. School bus vs El Nino for example 😉

NFS3 Modern Edition page (for update download):

Have fun!

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