If we evolved from monkeys, why there are still monkeys?

This question keeps coming up by creationists like an immortal zombie. Well, here is an interesting question to them…

If we evolved from primitive idiots into intelligent beings that we are now, then how come there are still idiots around? One would expect them to die off by now, right? It basically answers why there are still monkeys and why they haven’t gone anywhere even though we branched off monkeys millions of years ago. Evolution doesn’t necessarily mean an end of one species just because it has branched off into another subspecies. And that’s why we still have monkeys. And idiots. Tada!

On a more serious note, here is a serious explanation from biologist Richard Dawkins.

Or is it just because people are so horribly offended by the idea that their historic ancestors were apes at some point? It’s something we should be proud of instead of ashamed. It just means we have come a very long way compared to chimpanzees that are our closest descendants…


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