Why people think antifeminism is bad?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend among feminists or reactions from general public when you openly admit you’re an antifeminist. Why does “antifeminist” have such a bad connotation? Why do people connect word “antifeminist” as misogynist? As someone who seemingly rejects women and their rights, is a women hater and doesn’t want women to have equal rights?

Well, here is a brief explanation on why being an antifeminist is not really a bad thing and shouldn’t ever be taken as such in this time and age (after all, we are talking about modern western world here). In fact, it’s why I think anyone should be encouraged to reject feminism and embrace egalitarianism.

Feminism in its core defends women rights. All fine and well. But it has one big problem. It only goes one way, for women only. While I admit it had a noble goal in the distant past when women were actually oppressed and mistreated, it’s actually doing damage today. And this is becoming embedded so deeply inside our consciousness, we aren’t even aware of the issue anymore. And this is what is really counter productive towards equality. It’s making women the dominant gender, because modern governments are constantly enforcing women rights in the laws and we are continuously brainwashing our youth excessively to respect women, help them, never to hit them no matter what, worship them literally. What about men? Don’t they deserve the same respect, treatment and rights as women (when we are not talking about absolute gender specific issues that simply can’t be applied equally)? Seems like no one really cares about men anymore. After all, feminists continuously pretend they are fighting for equality, but they way too often forget (or intentionally ignore) they have already passed the equality mark…

true_equalityI’ve taken great care aligning those two arrows to the pixel accurately, so no one will be hunting pixels and saying aha, you’ve placed blue arrow 1 pixel ahead of the red one, you’re not really egalitarian, you’re really just a coward misogynist!

This simple graph is a representation of why I think feminism is bad, toxic and damaging to our modern society. I could go on for a lot longer making this post a massive block of text, but I’ll not go there, because I think the above brief description explains it perfectly well on its own. I might provide more detailed insight on this in the future or you can do a bit of research on your own regarding this matter.

So, when can you label yourself openly as antifeminist and get away with it? Well, by being antifeminist and egalitarian at the same time. It’s a very simple concept. You reject extremist feminism ideas, but still support equality of all genders. True equality. It’s when you look at the issues from more than just one perspective and try to resolve them in benefit of everyone involved, not just one side. Isn’t that what we really want? Or is it just me? Tell me, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Why people think antifeminism is bad?

  1. Do you have any sources, for example peer-reviewed works or literature discussions from academic journals breaking down prominent feminist works? Or perhaps showing statistics of publications from feminists scholars that measured that feminist strive for more than equality?

    Or do you have any peer-reviewed documentation that women are now favoured so much, or worshipped as you wish, that we are beyond equality and that feminist issues are no longer relevant?


    1. I don’t need “peer reviewed” examples. Just look at the freaking internet and see insane demands imposed by feminists…

      Top serious feminist issues:
      – man spreading is oppressing women space on public transport (lets just forget that it’s really painful to sit with legs together for men)
      – waiting in lines for toilet is sexist (coz this is somehow a men’s issue)
      – women should always and absolutely be believed in rape accusations (because women never ever lie for their benefit)
      – scientists wearing sexist shirts (coz this is somehow sexist, even though a woman made it)
      – games are sexist because you can kill 2 strippers (but lets disregard 50+ men that you can also assassinate in the same level)
      – women prisons and the need to make them disappear along with laws that include women committing crimes (coz women make no crimes)

      Should I go on? And these are just points where I hate feminists (not women). Important distinction!

      As for the normal women who don’t bitch every day about every damn annoyance in their life, there are already issues in existence and they probably aren’t even aware of them (that’s why I can’t blame them directly). Maybe they don’t directly affecting all men and I’m not even bitching over them, I just want to raise awareness when one is required to get to some form of equality. Examples? Women continuously and repeatedly get away in courts with smaller sentences or are acquitted, even though the crimes are comparable or the same to those committed by men. There are so many examples I don’t need any sources, just google for it. Child custody? They are awarded child custody just because they are women. Source? My own country justice system. Women are awarded child custody just because they are women even if they are actually a bad parent. We had a father that had two daughters and they went through hell for him to get custody. Even the daughters wanted to be with him (i think they were around age of 15, meaning they are old enough to decide in such matters), but no, justice system with its bias toward women getting automatic custody was stubbornly insisting in its own nonsense.

      Now, lets compare feminist demands and my “not even demands”, just awareness required raised concerns. Feminist bullshit falls into “annoyances” category. My concerns fall into the group of quite severe inequality issues. But since they are raised by men, fuck that. The ones raised by women are taken by highest regard even though they are moronic to all extents (the above list). See how serious inequality and bias exists even when men want to point out an equality issue on their end? And I think they are perfectly reasonable concerns.

      I mean, do you see how I’m not complaining over minor benefits women might have in life because they are women? Let them have it, we also have certain tiny everyday privileges as men as well. But when we have serious issues like severe bias in child custody cases, that’s just not acceptable on any level and I want things to get fixed for equality to even virtually exist. Custody cases should always be unbiased toward gender and both should have 50/50 chances of getting the custody unless it’s a clear case where one is unfit for such role. It should be all about how one is actually fit to be a parent regardless of gender and at the end, what a child wants if it’s old enough to be vocal about it. Not a decision made by justice system before both parents even enter the court. And whether you believe it or not, it does exist and is being enforced by a real justice system this very moment.

      Do you agree that my complaints are perfectly valid, logical and not insane like those imposed by feminists? I’m not saying they should be enforced my way either, but I just want them to be discusses, talked out and fixed. Unlike feminists who always just demand things like some egoistic self centered maniacs.


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