Google account name changing hell…

Seriously, why the hell, every single fucking time I try to change something I just HAVE to hit a fuckin wall. My Youtube name “rejzor” was annoying me seeing how others use lower and upper case letters. So naturally I wanted to change my name to “RejZoR” to align with everything else I use.

I go to the account dashboard, change my name and for last name I use period. Because I only use single name.

And I get slammed with this shit in my face:

The nickname you’ve chosen appears to violate the Google+ Names Policy.

So Google, where in the fucking policy it says I’m not allowed to use period instead of my last name. Even your god damn policy says I can:

Why it won’t work: Our system expects you to have two names.

The solution: When you add or edit your name:

  1. Enter your name as your first name.
  2. Enter a dot (“.”) as your last name.

Yeah sure, first you say I can and then you slam a door at me saying no, you can’t. Make up your god damn mind will ya? And so I’m stuck with the fucked up name… ugh…



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