That went well…

So, I was running a giveaway for a week now and had plans to make 3 more through entire December. Considering the blog statistics of roughly 500 unique visitors a day, I expected at least some involvement. And you know how many people joined the giveaway? Zero. Null. Nada. Nil. 0. So I had to cancel it few hours prior to official time limit.

Granted, the first game was Dead Space, which is older title, but then again a very good horror game. The best from the trilogy in fact. Other games planned for giveaway were Mirror’s Edge, again, older but very unique game with first person Tomb Raider like parkour acrobatics. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition and Battlefield 3 which don’t need much explanation.  And in a form of a game key, so you can pass the game to someone else if you’ve already played it.

The rules were fairly simple and fully open to anyone. Apparently I was very wrong for some reason. Apparently most of my readers are random people passing through my blog with the search engine (Google etc). Though it’s strange that neither of my followers or subscribers joined the giveaway. Which is very strange… People usually want free stuff even if it’s currently 50% off on whatever deals. Hm…

So, that’s that for now…


6 thoughts on “That went well…

    1. I don’t think it was. I checked the blog from browser where I wasn’t logged in and it was visible and accessible to anyone. I even had a spike of visitors the first few days, but no one even tried to actually enter. After 5 days have passed, I was hoping for at least 1 person to write a comment and I’d give a game to that person without any random drawing. And even that didn’t happen lol. Really not sure what was going on…


  1. Well i didn’t bother thinking there would be a whole lot of people entering, i never have much luck with competitions.

    I think i have it on origin anyway come to think of it, think it was free, one of their promotions thus why i didn’t enter i didn’t need it.

    I have your blog on my Rainmeter RSS reader, so their are some of us around who are not randoms who just pass by. Appreciate what you were doing though mate 😉


  2. Hey bud. I love the great tips and advice I get from reading your blog but alas I am not a gamer. There is only one game on my rig and that’s Super Tuxcart for my neice to play when she visits.

    I shall though take this op to say thanks for the earphones advice- I bought the Sennheiser’s you reviewed and am pleased with them.

    All the best.


  3. Don’t worry, we are just lazy as most of the humans are.. 🙂 But now I can give you my opinion. You have good ideas, interesting points of view. But I’d like to find them somehow more… organized? Not for the single post, well written and explained, but what about a dig-in with multiple post? Only if the matter need it, obvious. And I would love less triviality when you are upset. No problem to hear some bedwords, but writing with fewer could be a great exercise. Greeting from Italy. Ciao


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