Veela music extraordinaire


There are days when you’re wondering when you’ll find another amazing musician that makes your skin crawl, makes you get the goose bumps, makes chills go down your spine, you know, those special weird indescribable moments when you hear that special song that stays in your memory forever. Well, I’ve been experiencing many of such moments lately, thanks to Veela…


Who is Veela you may ask? Veela are mythical magical humanoid creatures. And so is this young, purple-haired talented girl from Canada. Not much is known about her, except that she’s a vocalist, writer, composer and producer “mastermind” behind one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard in my entire life. Granted, I’m not that old with music mileage through age, but I love music (I even create some when I get proper inspiration) and there is hardly any minute of my life passing without it playing somewhere around me. I also seem to have very specific taste in music, nearly exclusively listening to music that includes female vocals. Don’t really know why, it just makes me float away into some relaxing world when I hear such vocals.

Here are some of her songs, but you can find loads more on her webpage, Youtube and Soundcloud channels (links below)…




Do you like it? Wait, that’s not all. She has this gift of converting games into special music crafts. Like the following songs that were inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Bioshock. Shade and Killings…


At a very first glance, they sound highly melodic, catchy and they just refuse to leave your mind. But the real magic is in lyrics, done by yours truly, Veela herself. She’s using this somewhat different lyrics structure (not for all songs though) which makes her songs literally tell a story, from start to end, but you just don’t sense the story telling happening, it’s so brilliantly connected with the melodic instrumental part. I have absolutely no clue how she does it, but she does it with excellence.

This especially goes for songs like “Killings”. I mean, if you’ve played Bioshock game(s), the lyrics will simply start to bring back memories from Rapture. The actual experience that you’ve had yourself. Piece by piece. She basically condensed a story of the entire game into a song. And it’s freaking amazing when you know exactly what she is telling with the song, unlike 3/4 of “general” music where you can interpret the lyrics in dozen different ways. I certainly hope that she will make more of game based songs. I just love the way how she portrays the game stories through lyrics and music itself.

Want more from Veela?

Official webpage:





Let me know what you think about her music down below in comments section. I want to hear what you guys think or am I the only one so obsessed with her music that I just can’t stop listening to it? And if you like what she does, make sure you’ll support her, either by buying her goodies, songs and EP’s, maybe even by donating some or simply by sharing her work among your friends. If anything, I feel like we need to show more support to those who make proper honest music in this time and age of generic crap being churn onto us from all sides. Veela, I’m with you and I hope you’ll stay true to your craft. Because you’re so damn good at it. Meow 🐱


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