CCleaner 5.0 released!

Piriform has released a new major version of popular crap cleaning tool named CCleaner.


New in version 5.0:

  • New improved GUI
  • Improved internal architecture for better performance
  • Added Google Chrome plugin management
  • Improved Google Chrome Startup item detection
  • Optimized automatic updates for Pro version
  • Improved system restore detection routine
  • Updated exception handling and reporting architecture
  • Optimized 64-bit builds on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Updated various translations
  • Many performance improvements and bug fixes

Only problem that I’ve seen with the new interface is the X (close) button in the top right corner, which is not placed all the way to the right side. Meaning you have to literally hunt for the close button when interface is maximized, because if you move the cursor all the way in the corner of the screen, the close button will not work. Which is a bit silly issue, but since I’ve spotted it in 2 seconds after opening the new interface, it’s really an obvious one. Other than that, it looks quite similar to the old version 4. Which is good. No need to change something that people are used to and works perfectly fine.



2 thoughts on “CCleaner 5.0 released!

    1. They used to call it CrapCleaner. But I guess word “crap” had a negative connotation to the product name, so they renamed it to CCleaner. Or it just happened by itself. I frankly don’t remember anymore lol. I’m getting too old 😀


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