Separation of fantasy from reality

So, I’ve been watching videos from this guy who’s calling himself The Amazing Atheist. He has a very, how shall I say it, sharp way of responding to things, but he actually makes tons of sense pretty much all the time. And I’ve just caught this video response. Since I’m unable to find the original one to which he is responding, I’ll just use his video as a medium for the original.

Is rape bad and should be criticized by all means? Absolutely. No one should ever undergo such physical and psychological torture. However, the argument in question is: “Is rape role playing bad?” And my answer would be, no. It’s not a bad thing. It’s well known and well documented thing. It’s even on Wiki: . It’s well known for people to have rape fantasies and as shocking as it might be to some, women actually fantasize about it more often than men do. A shocker right, considering women are usually the victims of rapes.

But rape fantasies include two persons in a sexual relationship who agree to the act of simulated rape (or fantasy rape if you want it). Being a consensual act, it’s not a rape anymore by any definition and it basically falls in the fetish zone. There are many different fetishes, from mild forms where one gets sexually aroused by certain body parts, like feet or woman having very short hair, really tiny breasts, really full lips or to more extreme versions considered by many to be rather disturbing, like eating feces, being tied hard with a rope and then be spanked or being dressed as an infant and sucking a milk from womans breasts (yeah, I’ve done reasearch and such things actually exist). But hey, if two find it sexually fulfilling, why not? I wouldn’t do it, but if someone wants to do it, then why not.

I’m pretty confident everyone have a mild form of fetish one way or another. It’s a basic sexual preference, the same way as some like blondes more than other hair color, pretty much anything can be in this category. As well as everyone had some sort of fantasy at one point in their life. Be it sexual or some other. Like wanting to punch someone in the face because he was a total douchebag or wanted to shoot someone or wanted to be a super villain or a famous singer. Or maybe fantasize to be a dog. Who hasn’t played a s a child and act like you were a dog or some other animal? The list could go on and on till infinity and beyond. But we call it “fantasy” for a reason. Either because it is being manifested in a consensual way or because it is just that, a fantasy, entirely happening in one’s mind and not harming anyone.

Violence or more specifically violence in games is what has been brought up so many times in arguments that violence in games creates violent people. It just doesn’t, like fantasy about being raped or committing a rape doesn’t necessarily makes you a rapist, that should be locked up in advance and treated in a psychiatric institution. I can fantasize about it all I want, but until I actually do it for real, I haven’t done anything wrong. And because my mind is not all messed up, I will fantasize about it, but would NEVER actually do it to anyone in reality. It’s the separation of fantasy from reality. Some think that fantasizing about such things makes you weird and a ticking bomb by default is a statement that couldn’t be more wrong than it already is. There has been no relation between fantasies and actually manifesting them in reality. So many people do it every day that if such statement was true, our society would self terminate itself millenia ago.

Hell, the last game I’ve played, Alien:Isolation, I’ve immersed myself so deeply into the game to feel like I’m the actual survivor on a space station being hunted by a superior predator alien. And years ago I’ve done the same with Half-Life game when I was walking through the Black Mesa complex. Or being on a Von Braun space ship in System Shock 2. It brings out that extra immersion factor which brings much stronger emotions to the surface than it would if you take it just as some game that you play to simply kill time. I also loved playing Soldier of Fortune and watch how shotgun makes guts fly out and how ones head goes into tiny pieces. Things that I know I’m not suppose to do in real life because they would harm someone. There is no quick save and quick load in reality. If you shoot someone in the head, you terminate one forever. And that’s why I like doing it in games, because they are virtual and they fulfill my fantasies without actually harming anyone. When I turn off the game, I switch off my fantasies and I “return” into reality. And real reality is that very large majority of people have no problem of such separation of fiction from reality. It’s something natural you do as far as my fantasies and imagination goes, regardless of how twisted or perverted it might be in someone elses eyes.

And that’s where I’ve come up with a conclusion that you shouldn’t really be afraid of people who fantasize about things, you should be afraid of people who judge this kind of people (while recording an AK-47 rifle on their table?). The person who wants to perform a rape fantasy is clearly able to separate fantasy from reality, because otherwise he/she wouldn’t be able to do it because of the nature of the act itself. Why would one be aroused by something that is torture for someone else? Or a person who fantasize to be a bad ass gangster in Grand Theft Auto, murdering hundreds of people in a game world. It’s natural to fantasize about things regardless of what they are and how they are treated or accepted in reality. Because for as long as they are not harming anyone (directly or indirectly), they are perfectly acceptable on any level. That’s why it’s called FANTASY.

Fantasy and imagination are what drives us. All the poetry, stories, books, music and movies or games, all the really weird brutal jokes, bizarre porn videos etc, it’s all fueled by our fantasies and imagination. Without it, we would be just an empty dull shell. But we also have intelligence that gives us ability to separate one from another. One who is unable to separate it is clearly mentally challenged or lacks the intelligence and morals. But should we judge entire population based on those few exceptions? Of course not. Should we judge people just because they think about such things? Of course not.

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