Story of a dead E4200…

Had my trusty Linksys E4200 router for quite some time, flashed with DD-WRT few times and been using TomatoRAF on it for ages. Superb router. But the combination of full moon, many planets aligned together and mysterious ways of DD-WRT, the E4200 is now dead. Flashed it with experimental DD-WRT firmware (like so many times before), all went well until router rebooted after flashing. LED starts blinking like on every usual boot and the connection icon with yellow exclamation triangle started bothering me. Time has passed for a boot, but there was no wired or wireless signal. Rebooted it few times using various techniques, tried pinging it and doing a TFTP flash, nothing. Oh well. The Linksys E4200 is dead.

Since I have so many wireless devices depending on a single router I had to buy a new one next day. Luckily, a computer store nearby just had a brand new batch of ASUS RT-AC87U monsters arriving in stock. The exact router I was looking after. And yeah, it’s already processing packets in my home. Very expensive, but in my opinion well worth it. I guess some force knew I kinda wanted to replace the E4200 with something more powerful. And so it happened lol. Expect a ASUS RT-AC87U review soon…


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