While most of people are wanking on yet another release of Call of Duty that just got released, I prefer a bit more eccentric games with different game style we’ve seen so far. Like NS2:Combat. A more, like the name suggests, combat focused version of Natural Selection 2, made by the same team which delivered the NS2 “Combat mod”. While many complain it wasn’t nice to turn free mod into a paid game, I disagree. Original NS2 came to life the same way and no one shared the same opinion. And especially not for the price. It costs only $15 and will get a lot of new content in the coming weeks and months. This is a full stand alone game.

The game is now nearly without the strategy part of the original NS2 and is now more focused on individuals, but you still have to work as a team in order to win. NS2:Combat is a fast paced multiplayer FPS game with heavy FRP elements, particularly upgrades you can purchase by gaining XP points and levels. New weapons and abilities that can completely change the way you play and destroy enemies. And while it requires quite some learning, once you get the hang of it, it’s very rewarding and when you tear through crowds of enemies, the feel is so darn satisfying I can’t stop playing it. Can’t wait to see what new they’ll bring into the game with new maps and other extras. And the “old” Spark Engine still holds incredibly well as visuals still look freaking amazing and even feels a bit faster than in NS2.

And for the first week of the release, they give 10% discount, so check out the trailer above, check out few other videos on Youtube and maybe decide to buy it. I think it’s really awesome for the price and I can’t wait to play with more people.

NS2:Combat on Steam
NS2:Combat on Youtube (Faultline Games)Faultline Games (Official webpage)


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