Sennheiser MX375 earphones review

As much as Sennheiser is well known for their high end audio peripherals, they also provide quite a lot of very affordable gadgets for your multimedia life.

I used to own Sennheiser MX470, but they got physically damaged at the jack-cable joint, because I’ve dragged my laptop from the desk several times because I forgot I was wearing them or because my dog or someone else walked through the cord… Anyway, I loved MX470 because they lasted the longest considering the extreme abuse and they had a really good sound quality along with decent bass and comfortable wear. And they weren’t that expensive.

MX470 model isn’t available anymore, but Sennheiser offers MX475 which are rather similar to my old ones, even spec wise, but a lot cheaper than MX470 used to cost back then. But after some thought, I said what the hell and decided for the MX375. While the name suggest they are lower model than MX470 or MX475, they in fact offer higher frequency range, up to 22kHz (MX470/MX475 only go up to 20kHz). MX375 provide amazingly clear sound with slightly less bass than MX470, but still deep and punchy enough to be really nice listening experience. I’m a huge fan of vocal trance and as such I need both, good bass and also crystal clear vocals. And to my surprise, the MX375 delivers both with excellence (in my opinion).

Construction wise, they are similar to MX470. Angled 3,5mm jack, symmetric cord design that isn’t adjustable like on MX470 (I never used that anyway), no volume control and classic ear phones that don’t actually go inside the ear channel, but hang on the ear channel “entrance”. I just don’t like things stuck deep in my ears and those silicone plugs always get all nasty even if you keep your ears clean all the time. Changing ear buds is always easier for me and the come cheap from eBay. Having no volume control on the cord is not really a disadvantage. Sure it come in handy sometimes, but the fact they are always the weakest link on the cable, they always lose the connection to the cord after few accidents like I had above sooner or later. Or they just start to make sound all crackling and skipping when the sliding button gets worn out and dusty. Sennheiser also places a raised dot on the left earpiece, giving you ability to know which channel is left and which is the right even in complete darkness by just touching the earpiece, which is quite useful.

Only thing that I slightly dislike is a bit cheap feeling thinner cord which doesn’t feel as posh as it did on MX470. But that’s really the only downside that I could find.

Sennheiser MX375 come in a blister package with a pair of black ear buds and black synthetic leather pouch with Sennheiser brand on the side for earphones storage.

The selection of such type of earphones is really poor as all companies seem to be obsessed with those crappy silicone ear plugs (that I absolutely hate) nowadays and out of all those you can hardly find, Sennheiser clearly delivers good earphones for affordable price. If you also don’t like those in-ear silicone plugs, consider these (or even MX475). I think you won’t be disappointed.

Sennheiser MX375 retailed for around 11 € (incl. VAT) on Amazon Germany, where I bought them.

2 thoughts on “Sennheiser MX375 earphones review

  1. Really? I agrre That They have punchy Țight bas,Buț evereything îs finishing,in the mid-highs where îs harshy And agresive whith the ear !!no detail in sound u canot hear small details ,only in harshy Ways…And the jack îs Big like boomerang,They Almost stay in ear !!


    1. YOU will need a real Dac ,or strong source to put them A-T Theyr real VALUE ,but keep in mind That pioneer has an similar model sl c10k,maybe not S-o haeavy in bas Buț whith great details …ofcs specialy designed FOR iphones,ipads…

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