Most terrifying gaming experience

Wow. And I’m not talking about games that suck so badly that they are terrifying. I’m talking about the latest game Alien:Isolation. I’ve intentionally ignored all the teasers, trailers, reviews, everything. Pre-ordered the game because I’m already a huge fan of Aliens vs Predator (AvP) franchise. Started playing it yesterday and since I had absolutely no clue when and how I’ll meet the alien fucker, I was cautious the entire time, so it took me a while to progress. And then I’ve finally meet the alien literally face to face. And this was the most terrifying experience in my life. And by that I mean real life and in-game “life”. People say it was scary to play as a marine in original AvP. It just wasn’t. You could gun down hordes of aliens with pulse rifle before even getting a tiny scratch. Here, you have a pistol and you can’t do jack shit with it. The (single!) alien is brutal and on a Hard setting that I’m playing gives you zero tolerance for mistakes.

When I’ve entered the room and heard people screaming, my heart rate went through the roof, adrenaline was going crazy, seeing through the edge of the wall how alien is decimating them one by one down below. And I was just 50 meters away. It was primarily so terrifying because I just didn’t know what to expect and how to react to it. I just wanted to get in a hiding place as fast as my feet could take me. When you are in a game where you take off with even a basic melee weapon like a wrench or crowbar, you’re confident, because basically every single game to date began with some easier enemies and then progressed to more difficult ones while you also gained better weapons. But here, apart from few humans, you’re thrown against a boss basically in a second level. Which is a pretty much vertical difficulty curve.

I don’t know how the game will continue, but they managed to capture that authentic terror when you know nothing you carry with you can even scratch the enemy. And that’s what in my opinion separates this game from all the others. I’ll share more as I progress through the game…


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