EA Origin and pathetic touch experience

Installed Origin from EA to my ACER Iconia W4 tablet which is running full fledged Windows 8.1. And guess what, this thing doesn’t even know touch controls even exist. Wtf EA!? I was having crazy problems even logging into the system. When login form was on the screen I was unable to select fields. I had to play with TAB key in order to cycle through. And when games were listed in the panel, clicking on them with a finger did exactly nothing. However, switching between “My Games” and “Store” tabs works absolutely perfectly with touch. So, once again, WTF EA? Why does part of it work perfectly fine and the other 95% of it not at all?

And for reference, Steam works perfectly in all aspects, it’s all down to a game if it actually works well with touch. But with Origin, dream on, you can’t even play games to see if they work or not. And I know Bejeweled 3 works with touch. But i want Origin version because of syncing over Steams version which doesn’t have syncing…

EA, fix this shit already will ya? 2014 and zero touch support!? Really?


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