Can’t post comments on Youtube

Seriously Google, what the hell is with your Youtube eh!? It randomly happens that I want to post something and when I click in the comment field, all I get is a popup window that has “googleplus” mentiond in the URL, that window closes and I still can’t post any text. If I click in the comment field again, the same thing just repeats forever and I’m unable to post. And yes, I’ve also tried disabling all browser add-ons and nothing changed. Fix the damn thing already because it’s annoying as shit.

To me it seems like Youtube fails to connect to Google+ somehow and Youtube then fails to give you ability to post comments, because some sort of Google+ credentials aren’t present or something. Can’t find any other logical explanation because Youtube seems to work just fine otherwise (can watch videos and stuff).


6 thoughts on “Can’t post comments on Youtube

    1. Firefox might be funky at times, but at the end of the week you’ll return to it. It’s how it always ends for me and I’ve tried literally everything available. From old Opera to “new” Opera, Chrome, various different forks and there were always some even more idiotic things than casual Firefox glitches.


  1. Oh what the fuck Google, this fuckin shit just happens out of the blue for no fuckin reason. Wanted to comment one video and fuckin Youtube decided on it’s own i’m not allowed. It just opens a popup window, geos away and teh comment field is stilld ead as a fuckin roadkill. Fuckin asshoels at Google still can’t get this shit right…


  2. I don’t get it why this is happening. Even if i disable every single add-on within Firefox (by using SafeMode (holding Shift before launching Firefox) and the damn fuckin thing still doesn’t work.


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