avast! Online Security add-on for Firefox

Apparently avast! team has finally released a stand alone version of avast! Online Security plugin for Mozilla Firefox (for a while now, I just haven’t noticed it). I know I’m already using avast!, but didn’t like the add-on being tied to the antivirus instead of browser. It made add-ons syncing a bit of a pain. But not anymore. If you’re a Firefox user, clicky de click here:

And you can grab the add-on there even if you’re not actually using avast! Antivirus. It hasn’t been approved fully by Mozilla yet, but it’s made by avast! Software, so you can be sure it’s safe.

What does it do?

It checks webpages for phishing, it checks URL addresses for common typos and auto-corrects them. It also has a community based webpage rating system comprised of over 170 million users and also indicates that status inside search engines.

Additionally it can suggest you better offers and deals on certain webpages and also prevent tracking elements (those stupid Facebook buttons and other crap) from tracking you as you browse around. All this can of course be tweaked and adjusted in add-on settings.

15 thoughts on “avast! Online Security add-on for Firefox

  1. Not overly impressed with the rating system.
    It does not allow for rating many categories.
    I have WOT installed and typed “Openoffice” as a search, so I could find the inevitable sites with fake OpenOffice downloads, and the first one I see I tried to rate.
    The only option I had was to rate it as illegal / warez even though it is not.

    Seriously !? the only rather vague ratings are as follows;
    Alcohol / Drugs
    Warez / Illegal

    You can’t rate scammers and spammers, or sites containing malware or exploits.
    Only things you may or may not like ! (I must admit to indulging in a few of those in my time…OK most of them. hehe.)
    This is not even half as good as WOT. You can’t even write a comment to verify your findings.
    …Soooo all you can do is rate it as an adult site, or a site that commercial companies don’t like.
    Granted, most Warez sites are full of viri, but that is not generally their intent.

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    1. Hmmm. it also shows this site as trusted and green, so it Avast don’t seem to be scanning sites, or including any historical data.

      I could keep looking for bad sites, but to rate them you are forced to visit, rather than the icon in search engines being interactive like WOT.
      So far it thinks everything is OK, because I am not looking for adult sites, only malware sites.
      If it has no idea or never seen the site, it shows as green (Very f*cking dangerous).

      If they are serious about this plugin, they left it years too late to be effective. All it will do is filter Avast users to a smaller pool/resource.
      It does not even recognise their own domains, and the tracker blocking seems to not see some of the trackers on their own site (glad I had Privacy Badger installed).
      The plugin also includes SafePrice adware, so users may want to switch that off in the settings.

      For me. Interesting test, but I think I’ll remove it now.

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      1. Hello Dr. Flay,

        I agree with what you mentioned so far about the Avast Online Security extension, sadly, I really want to to like this extension but so far I have almost never seen it mark any website as possibly malicious (spam, scam, et cetera included).

        I am glad that it is now available as a stand-alone extension, but I am disappointed that it seems to be not very useful at this time which is strange since I expect better from a company like Avast.

        I am also disappointed with Avira Browser Safety and Bitdefender TrafficLight and several similar extensions so far, and so WOT (Web Of Trust) is still my top pick at this time combined with Adblock Plus (EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Malware Domains, Adblock Warning Removal List); but it would be nice if WOT would get some kind of real-time scanning/detection/et cetera in the future.

        I am also disappointed so far in the free DNS services that have some malware blocking like OpenDNS Home/Basic, Norton ConnectSafe, Comodo DNS, and Yandex DNS; has anyone tested those this year to see which one is the best at blocking various types of malicious websites?

        Hello Rejzor,

        Thank you for making this post Rejzor, and it would be nice to hear/see your current recommendations for free anti-malware browser extensions and free DNS services with malware blocking and free anti-malware programs for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). 🙂

        Also it is good to know that someone else that I had seen around the internet also has a WordPress.com blog. (I think that I have seen some of your comments at different forums over the years like maybe at the Avast, Wilders, et cetera forums)

        Keep up the good work,

        -John Jr


  2. The only AV DNS I have tried is Trend Micro, and I just got fed up having to report false blocks on sites I used,
    Comodo have been doing it for a while, and it is used by their Chrome clone, so maybe theirs is less.

    Blocking with an external system does mean you are stuck with having to completely disable all that protection just to access 1 site.

    I now simply opt for my closest/fastest DNSs with DNSSEC authentication, and use a hosts file to block the known bad sites.
    Using a tool like “HostsMan” makes it easy to update regularly from several different providers, and remove/exclude any that you need to use, or add any you feel are missing.

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    1. Hello Dr. Flay,

      I did not know that Trend Micro had a DNS service, interesting, and thank you for sharing your current security setup for blocking malicious websites.

      -John Jr


  3. Hello,

    Today MyITTech uploaded a YouTube video where he tested several browser security extensions including Avast Online Security:

    The results of his test surprised me a bit, and Avast Online Security did great in his test.

    -John Jr

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    1. Cool, it did surprisingly well even though the sample base wasn’t huge, but it does indicate something. Was also surprised by WOT which was second best. I’m using it all the time because it’s a great tool to see standings of webpages, especially when I shop on webpages that are not known to me (yet). Or just to leave feedback regarding webpages that I browse in general.

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        Yes, I was expecting WOT to do pretty well and so that did not surprise me very much, and I have been using it for years and I also think that it is good; but I do wish that they would improve the block option to fix some problems that I have when ever I try it sometimes (sometimes websites will fail to load when using this option, and so you have to go back and try the website again; I have reported this before a few years ago, but this still has not been improved over the years), and once that is done I think that the block option should be the default instead of the warn option.

        Thank you for responding. 🙂

        -John Jr


      2. I do not have this problem when using the default warn/warning option fortunately, it only happens when using the block option (which blocks websites with negative ratings instead of letting them load with just a warning screen/message), and even then it only happens sometimes randomly throughout the day; but it is still annoying, so I avoid using the block option unless I am testing it to see if this is fixed, but it never is.

        It seems to be a problem that happens because of the way the block option functions, maybe like a proxy or something like that, but I could be wrong.

        The default warning option is nice, but it lets the websites load which can be a problem if the website is malicious; and so I hope that they will fix this one day so that I can use the block mode without this annoying problem happening randomly each day. 😉

        -John Jr


      3. Yeah, then that might be the case since I’m not using the block option, just the warning. I use antivirus for malware blocking, I only have WOT for webpage quality and reliability.

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      4. Yeah, that is why, I am curious if anyone else has this problem (most people do not use the block option).

        I like to have extra layers to my security (especially for my Ubuntu partition since I have no resident anti-malware protection on it, even though that is not really much of a problem for GNU/Linux distributions at this time, but I like to have some extra protection just in case 😉 ) and that option would be helpful for people who I help with their computers sometimes, and so being able to use the block option without this annoyance would be nice.

        -John Jr


  4. Hello,

    Yesterday I decided to try the Avast Online Security extension for Firefox again after seeing MyITTech’s test, but today it shows that the Author removed Avast Online Security for Firefox:


    That/This is strange, also the Firefox version (made in maybe June 2014 I think) was also probably outdated compared to the Chrome version, and it had not been completely tested/approved by Mozilla yet; but I still find it odd that they removed the extension suddenly.

    -John Jr


    1. Hello F. Ehrhardt,

      Yeah, I mentioned this months ago on the comment above yours, I contacted Avast about this on the their Feedback website (which now redirects to their forums for me, and so my topic there (https://feedback.avast.com/responses/avast-online-security-extension-for-firefox-removed) is not showing for me and I did not find it at the forums when I searched), and they said that they removed the separate browser extensions; and so now you have to have Avast installed to use this feature I guess, I mentioned the reasons that I think that they should keep the browser extensions, but they never responded.

      It seems that Avira removed their browser extension for Firefox as well, McAfee SiteAdvisor had/has a problem that would cause Firefox to get super-sluggish (high RAM and CPU usage et cetera that makes the browser almost unusable) the longer you run/ran the browser so I had to uninstall it from all of my computers that have McAfee installed, Bitdefender TrafficLight always slowed things down for me and the Firefox version is usually months behind the Chrome version and their support is terrible and it has not improved, the other extensions that I have tried have other problems, most of the free DNS services with malware blocking that I have tried over the years have terrible support and have not improved; and so now I just use WOT (Web Of Trust) and Ublock at this time.

      -John Jr


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