Stupid Chrome browser extension blocking

Just when I thought about switching to Chrome (again), I’ve noticed Google blocked 3rd party extension installing. Ok, so I can’t install them anymore directly from webpages, I have to download them and drag them manually to Extensions page. Makes sense. Great, that worked! Except, it hasn’t. After browser restart, it has kindly notified me that it has (permanently and with no chance of exclusion!) disabled my 3rd party extension. Well piss off Google, I know you want to protect users, but stop fuckin dicking around with stuff THAT I install and approve myself. Every other god damn browser gives at least option to manually exclude stuff from being blocked, but no, they go full block whether you like it or not. Apparently this has been enforced since Chrome version 35.

So, I’ve found myself a good old EXE based alternative and fucked off the damn Chrome browser and returned to trusty Firefox. It might not be the fastest, but at least isn’t fuckin the most irritating one to use. What good is all the speed if you’re not allowed to do anything with it. Stupid Google.


One thought on “Stupid Chrome browser extension blocking

  1. Chrome does not have a fully functional SSL revocation system, so I would not dare log into any sites with it if I were to use it.

    BTW. How big has the current real install file grown to ?
    The last “chrome.7z” I found in a user hive was 144 MB
    The sheer size of it and lack of functionality for something so big, make me question the quality of the development.

    If Chrome was distributed openly as the actual installer distro, rather than an also oversized web-installer (why so big for a tool that only fetches another file?) I think it would be embarrassing for them.
    Chrome reminds me of a Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi. Smooth and shiny on the outside, but inside is a mess of rough edges and unfinished ideas.


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