Lexmark, you lazy fucks

Seriously Lexmark, you are one bunch of lazy fucks that don’t give a shit about what you sell. I have a Lexmark X3650 printer, sure it’s few years old but works just fine for what I need it. Or shall I correct myself, USED TO work till I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 like ages ago but didn’t need the printer in the meanwhile. Now this fuckin thing won’t work at all because driver INF is detected as 3rd party and not signed. It was fuckin downloaded from Lexmark webpage and says it’s compatible with Windows 8 64bit (every other device that I’ve seen worked just fine even with vanilla WIn8 driver on Win8.1. Just not this one. So, why this bullshit!? Why give a fuck if it’s signed or not, it’s just a fuckin printer geez. Am I suppose to buy new printer all the time just because some fucks are too lazy to make a compatible driver for a device no one ever changes for as long as it works? Printers aren’t friggin graphic cards that you change every half a year because they give better features and performance. It’s a fuckin ink jet printer that prints shit and that’s it. How fuckin hard can it be? Now I’m sitting in front of a PC trying to print something I urgently need and can’t because system refuses to accept fuck ass drivers no matter what I do. Well fuck you Lexmark, this was my first and also last printer that I bought from you. You incompetent lazy imbeciles.


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