Radeon resetting refresh to 85Hz on 144Hz monitor

Seriously AMD, can’t you do something right one fuckin time? Not long ago I had a problem of monitor not waking up when I pressed any key in standby. I had to re-connect DVI cable on my Radeon 7950 in order for screen to wake up. Now I’ve bought a proper gaming monitor from ASUS, the VG248QE monster with 144Hz and 1ms screen. Bought DisplayPort cable for it in order to use newest possible stuff for most problem free experience. Guess what, I have problems again. This one is even worse than occasionally monitor not waking up. Here, it wakes up just fine. Except it then gets stuck in a fuckin fixed 85Hz. If i check refresh rate settings, 85Hz is the highest option I can even select. I have to unplug DisplayPort cable and reconnect it. And then voila, I have a 144Hz monitor again. I usually notice this because either desktop or games just feels weird when it’s in 85Hz.

My main question is, why the fuck is this even happening? It’s not like 144Hz monitors are some mad exotic these days or am I really the only one noticing this issue and the rest of people just play at 85Hz without ever noticing it thinking they run at 144Hz all the time?

And what’s even worse is that I can’t fill in bug report because they are doing maintenance on it. Argh…

3 thoughts on “Radeon resetting refresh to 85Hz on 144Hz monitor

  1. Plug’n’pray has been useless with monitors ever since the end of the 9x era.
    I have a fast hi-res Lacie monitor and PnP cannot see the top speeds or resolutions, only the modes that match PnP defaults show up.
    ATI have made awful drivers since forever 😦

    I solved it with PowerStrip http://www.entechtaiwan.com/ps.htm by using it to create a new inf file after interrogating the monitor directly, instead of the registry.


  2. What cable are you using? It strictly has to be DisplayPort or Dual Link DVI. And you’d be surprised that none of the usual DVI cables that came with graphic cards and monitors before were dual link. I had few and it turned out none of them was dual link.Dual link DVI has a block of pins on the connector where on normal DVI there are two blocks of pins separated by a segment (gap) where there are no pins at all. And HDMI just doesn’t even go beyond 60Hz and since graphic card thinks you have a TV connected with it, there are also problems with resolutions which usually stop at 1920×1080. For 4K resolutions you need HDMI 1.4 capable output on graphic card, HDMI 1.4 input on monitor and HDMI 1.4 capable cable. Which you’ll notice it’s hard to satisfy on all 3 points as there will always be one that will fail the requirements. So, DisplayPort turns out to be the best. Small connectors, thin cable and out of the box support for very high resolutions and refresh rates. And you can get them really cheap on eBay. Just make sure it’s the v1.3.


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