Are you tired of countless numbers of installers that bundle 3rd party crap (ads, toolbars, browsers, various “offers” etc) with them, do you often by mistake forget to uncheck one of them and bunch of stuff you don’t really want, gets installed on your system? There is a solution for every problem and for this one, it’s called Unchecky. It’s a small and easy to use program that automatically unchecks 3rd party crap from installers and warns you when you’re about to install 3rd party stuff. It doesn’t support every installer in this world, but it does support quite a lot of them, especially those most widely used ones like uTorrent, avast! Antivirus, Skype and a lot more. So, it will be a lot less likely for you to mistakenly installs ome crap that you don’t want. Unchecky is freeware.




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