Tweak Firefox 29 with some old goodies

Like I’ve said in the Australis Dilemis post few days ago, I don’t mind changes in GUI for as long as they are good ones. And I actually like the new Australis interface. Yes, it does look too much like Chrome and I don’t like that at all, but it’s still functional. However, I just had to get few of the old things back where they belong.

Move bookmark star back to URL bar…
If you hate the placement of the new quick bookmark star, fear no more! You can move it back into the URL bar again.

Star-Button In Urlbar add-on:

Sidebar auto show/hide…
Since moving star button back into URL bar removes the new combo star/bookmark button, I found this one as a nice alternative, which would be useful either way. You just move the mouse to the left side of the screen and bookmarks sidebar pops up. It’s really useful if you have bunch of Unsorted bookmarks that you access quite often.

Sidebar auto show/hide add-on:

Move RSS feed button back to URL bar…
They’ve moved RSS feed button out of the URL bar long ago, but for those who missed that change and want the RSS button back in the URL bar, here is the add-on for that.

RSS icon in URL bar add-on:

Be able to close the last open tab…
This was also changed long ago, but for those who want it this way (better way imo), here is the add-on which also has few settings. It gives you ability to close the last open tab and instantly gets replaced by an empty one. Without this add-on, you have to manually open a new tab and close old one, because when only one tab is open, it doesn’t have the “X” button to close it. It will have it with this add-on.

Last Tab Close Button add-on:

This is it for now, the must have add-ons that I need to work comfortably with my browser. Though I wish Firefox left all this as an option instead of just removing them all together whether you like it or not. It sucks to install 5 extra new add-ons every time they decide to make radical changes to the GUI. It’s stupid and I’m shocked they haven’t learned anything from the mistakes Microsoft made with Windows 8 and they are now slowly patching it back to give users some of the Windows 7 menu features back, but still. Why complicate things and force users to use add-ons if there was no need for that. Make new changes and leave old as an optional setting. This way everyone wins.


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