Windows time synchronization bugged

After using service to sync my watches to accurate time, I’ve noticed that my system time was totally off. And by totally, I mean over 20 seconds on laptop and over 12 seconds off on desktop PC. For systems connected to internet 24/7 it’s an unacceptable difference compared to atomic time. And after I couldn’t get the bloody thing fixed no matter what I tried (all Windows servers crap out and are dead for days now) I had to try radical stuff. And so I came around an app called NetTime.

Running this app instantly synced my time correctly. Wtf!? And while the app is really nice and also free, I didn’t want to run extra app just to sync bloody time. Tried NetTime sync servers within Windows clock and guess what, these servers worked just fine. Synced my time correctly in under 3 seconds.

NetTime time synchronization server (recommended, randomly uses one of the servers listed below):

You can also use these (only as last resort option):

If you’re having problems (like me) with default Windows time sync servers, use the above one. I don’t know why this is the only server that works, couldn’t get ANY other to work…

2 thoughts on “Windows time synchronization bugged

  1. Microsoft’s time servers have been unreliable for many years, in my experience. I ended up finding the NTP servers (some of which are also unreliable, at least in terms of connectivity) and they seem to work pretty well, overall.


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