Firefox 29 Australis dilemmis?

While I don’t mind GUI changes, they have to be good for me to think that way. Which yet again isn’t the case for new Mozilla’s “Australis” interface for Firefox.

First issue that I have with it is, have you guys at Mozilla lost all the originality? You turned Firefox into a Chrome clone. It looks exactly the same. Why? If people wanted to use Chrome, they would. So why make it look the same!?!?!??! You even copied the bloody 3 horizontal lines menu button and round tabs. C’mon!? I loved Firefox prior to version 29 because it had its own identity with square tabs and that orange “Firefox” button. Now, it’s just a bland copy of Chrome where users will start using Chrome by mistake because it will look the same to them as the Firefox. I find it very unlikely that it will be the other way around, potential Chrome users mistakenly installing Firefox. I just don’t see it happening…

Next thing that I really hate about it is the quick “star” bookmarking. Just like RSS icon several versions back into time, you removed it from the URL bar. WHY!? Why the fuck do you have to remove things from places that were not just perfectly fine, they were PERFECT. Now I have 20 meters of fuckin empty URL bar and then on the right side of it, 6 hugely spaced buttons for half the things that should stay within the URL bar. Customization options my balls. RSS icon and that quick bookmark star belong into the URL bar. Period. Why the fuck would anyone want to remove them from there anyway? It just makes no sense. And if you DO have to do that, why can’t you add possibility to drag buttons back inside the URL bar? I want things like RSS, “star” icon or “AdBlock” buttons within the URL bar. They just belong there and I want them there. But some smartass at Mozilla though he knows it better and entirely prevented me from doing that. Load of bullcrap if you ask me.

I’ve kept my Firefox as slim as possible in the vertical dimension on the screen by keeping functions on the left and right side of the URL bar, so it spanned across only 3 lines (tab bar, URL bar and bookmark bar. Now you just limited my options by hardcoding the back/forward button into the URL bar with no option of switching it into “small” mode like you could in Firefox prior to version 29. And because I could switch the bar into “small” mode, I was able to squeeze bookmarks and Downloads buttons between back/forward buttons and the URL bar. Can’t do that anymore. Tried moving them to the right side of the URL bar and now i have like 3 meters of space wasted by only 6 icons that were before fitted in half the space. WHY!? Yes, I still have just 3 lines vertically, but the functions buttons on the right are now a total mess.

I don’t get it why are everyone so obsessed by making things massive. I bet it’s because of the touch devices, in which case I wonder just one thing… How the fuck users typed SMS’s till now on tiny little touch smartphones!? I can type really fast on a tiny touch keyboard with my fuckin thumbs that are like, huge. And I never miss a letter. So how can be a problem selecting one fuckin button on a Full HD 10 inch tablet!?!?!?!??!??! Is today’s youth really so butter fingered they are unable to hit normal sized button ona  friggin 10 inch tablet?!? Apparently. Make those buttons 300% bigger and with 200% more empty space between them. Yeah, that’ll do the trick.

Stop turning Firefox into a bloody Chrome. If we’d want that, we’d already done that by switching to Chrome… Ever thought of that?


5 thoughts on “Firefox 29 Australis dilemmis?

  1. I highly recommend Pale moon, based on Firefox code, but it differs in several concepts, including performance optimization, user interface and legacy hardware support… it’s like what Firefox 2.x used to be.


  2. I tried it too and felt it was just a poorly done Chrome copy. Why keep the search box when everyone else has done away with it? Redundancy should be a priority to cut. Free’s up space for something you really need. Be nice if Mozilla would simply focus on fixing Firefox so it is leaner and improve the UI with minor tweaks that maximize its space. Instead Mozilla thinks fooling users into thinking its Chrome will somehow help? If they are already using Chrome, I doubt they will try a Chrome knockoff. I uninstalled 29 too and gave my constructive feedback to Mozilla. Given everything going on at Mozilla of late. That place must be a mess! I seriously wonder if they are not a Netscape in the making again!


  3. If I wanted FireChrome or ChromeFox, whatever, I would have stayed with Chropera.
    Thankfully as it is open source we will have to investigate the alternative builds.
    I think it is time for me to use one of the unofficial 64bit builds.

    To be honest, if you are going to mix the browsers together, you may as wel use Lunascape or Avant. Then you get real benefits, rather than plastic (oh so very plastic) surgery.

    The world has gone crazy.
    People actually think iTunes and Chrome look great and are functional.
    Where will the madness end ?

    …Oh god-no ! I’ll put money on Winamp getting an iTunes/spotify style makeover next 😦


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