Do NOT buy Deus Ex: The Fall for PC !

Yesterday, I’ve made one of the biggest mistakes in my gaming life. As a huge fan of Deus Ex, I found out that there is a new game on Steam called Deus Ex: The Fall. And since I wanted to continue fantastic gaming experience of Human Revolution and The Missing Link, of course I’ve ordered it instantly. Just to find out it’s a one massive turd of a game…

Game description states these two lies on two different places:

-Developed in collaboration with the original DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION® team at Eidos-Montréal and N-Fusion; Deus Ex: The Fall includes full Steam Achievements, Mouse & Keyboard control configurations, and Control Pad support.

Full Mouse & Keyboard control scheme

Both of these statements are big lies. The game has NO keys configuration what so ever. Yes, you can’t change a single fuckin’ key bind for keyboard or mouse. When you click “Controls” in the settings, all it does is display an image of keys you have to use to play. Are you fuckin shitting me!? In year 2014, they have balls to make a game where you can’t adjust a single key bind and you have shit loads of them.

I’ve never played any game with key configuration supplied within this game and I will refuse to do so. Any game that doesn’t allow me to set my own keys to play the game the way I want it, is NOT worth my money. It just isn’t.

I’ve already sent a demand to Valve for a refund and instant removal of this garbage from my Steam game library. We’ll see how they’ll resolve this, but I expect nothing less than a complete refund with no questions asked, because the game description is entirely misleading. Not to mention my play time reads 0 minutes, because I’ve downloaded the game, tried it and instantly hated it.

Don’t be a fool and don’t even think of buying this piece of shitty code they call a game. It’s a lame attempt to milk money from old fans of excellent game franchise.


7 thoughts on “Do NOT buy Deus Ex: The Fall for PC !

  1. Steam customers service actually made a refund for me. They returned the funds into Steam Wallet though (not to PayPal), but that’s ok. Better in my Steam Wallet than having this crap game in the list of my games. They have also fixed the game description to let users know the game doesn’t offer any kebind configuration.


  2. I don’t get it what’s so difficult if the game was purchased not long ago and the play time reads 0 (zero). I understand you can’t refund a game that has been played for 20 hours, but refund like mine sounds reasonable. Plus they mislead me with the “full keyboard” support which they also changed in description.


  3. u could have used Glovepie to remap the keys .
    I use it on some games for arrows for movement and num0 for jump ,e.t.c.
    Key.W = Keyboard.Up
    Key.S = Keyboard.Down
    Key.A = Keyboard.Left
    Key.D = Keyboard.Right
    Key.Space = Keyboard.NUMPAD0
    Key.E = Keyboard.RCTRL
    Key.q = Keyboard.rshift

    Text file ,then save it as pie and load it up with Glovepie and click ‘RUN’


    1. I could, but I’ve decided not to support lazy fucks who don’t even take as much time to implement settings where you can rebind the keys. Is that too much to ask from a whole porting process? I didn’t even complain over graphics, it was something as trivial as rebinding keys that really put me off. And it always will.


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