LastPass not updated on Firefox Add-ons page

I’ve actually contacted LastPass about this nearly 1 year ago and their response was that Mozilla was causing the delays for extension updates. So, 1 year has passed and LastPass extension on Firefox Add-ons page is still outdated. They did exactly NOTHING to fix this. LastPass’s solution was to download the extension from their webpage. Fair enough, didn’t even bother with it back then, but now it’s starting to piss me off with their ignorance (what else could it be?).

Latest version on Firefox Add-ons page is LastPass which is like ancient, outdated and has startup slowdowns issues with Firefox 27. The latest on their page is 3.0.12. And the reason for this rant is the fact that downloading LastPass from official webpage causes the extension syncing to become all fucked up. It syncs the rest, but not LastPass. And you have to yet again do the LastPass extension install on your own. None of this would have happened if LastPass was fuckin up to date on Firefox Add-ons page. Fault on Mozilla’s end is just a lame excuse for LastPass not doing their job. One thing is a delay (which means up to 1 week delay for new LastPass releases). Not bothering to update extension for 1 year is just plain and simple ignorance. Firefox’s less than brilliant extensions syncing doesn’t help either, but if LastPass at least did their fuckin job, I wouldn’t even be writing this…

Fix this god damn “problem” LastPass. It’s ridiculous.


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