CyanFox ROM for SGS2 (i9100 Int)

I was a long time user of CyanogenMod ROM for HTC Wildfire in the past and currently on Samsung Galaxy S2. The problem is, I seem to be stuck on CM 10.1.3 (Jelly Bean 4.2.2) which is sort of pretty old build now. But then, I found out about CyanFox. A CyanogenMod fork which is currently based on KitKat 4.4.1 which I think is the very very latest version right now. And guess what, it works on Samsung Galaxy S2 Int (i9100, non G version with Exynos chipset)! Installed it on top of CM 10.1.3 and even though I had to manually update Gapps and re-install Youtube app, everything seems to be in perfect order. Runs really fast and looks really good. I love it!


Gapps for CyanFox:

2 thoughts on “CyanFox ROM for SGS2 (i9100 Int)

  1. I tried flashing this from to my i9100 and it’s get’s stuck at the fox logo in the intial boot. How long had did it take for your initial boot?


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