Google, stop forcing us your stupid Google+

Seriously, what the F is wrong with Google. I get it, you have your own social network that you want to push around, but quit frankly, I DON’T want it. Get it? I’m already on Facebook, tried Twitter just to find out someone already took my username and hasn’t posted anything for several years. So I didn’t even bother to make a new name because I actually don’t need it. Either under my name or under none. So, why exactly would I want to use Google+ ? I’m hardly at all on Facebook, just to check what news is around few musicians that I follow and to sort of stay in touch with friends and school buddies.

Spend half a day finding out how to eradicate the bloody Google+, finally managed to do so (and being worried I might remove more than I want to), came back to Youtube and guess what greeted me as soon as I wanted to post a comment. Stupid Google notification about username usage and below a disclaimer that a new Google+ page will be created (apparently regardless of what I pick as an option). I bloody deleted it yesterday and now it will create it again. Well sod off Google. I love your search engine, I love Gmail and Google Drive, I can’t live without Android, but for the love of all that’s holy, stop fuckin forcing me the god damn Google+ crap. I wasn’t interested in it when it was released, I’m not interested now and I will not be interested in it in the foreseeable future.

And even though I wasn’t using Google+ (I sort of had it because of Youtube), some users joining me and following me and that was annoying.  I just want to use bloody Youtube like I did before and post a comment here and there. As soon as I disconnect it from Google+ (because I don’t want it), it requires it again. Why? It’s like having an alarm system that locks the door when you disarm it. And when you unlock the door, alarm arms itself again. Idiotic. What idiot designed the settings for this crap should be shot in the face. If I disconnect Google+ and delete it, stop harrasing me about it again. Get it?

Now I have to make the damn Google+ again and try to find out how to block the damn thing entirely from other users. Just so I can post damn comments on Youtube…


2 thoughts on “Google, stop forcing us your stupid Google+

  1. 100% agreed with you. Its took me so much time to find out how to check my gmail. Not user friendly at all! Make me hate already Google now.


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